How To Wash Pants

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How To Wash Pants
How To Wash Pants

Video: How To Wash Pants

Video: How To Wash Pants
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Trousers are an official part of a business suit that every man needs. These are quite "capricious" clothes that require careful maintenance. Washing trousers has its own little secrets that every housewife knows best.

How to wash pants
How to wash pants


Step 1

Take a close look at the tags on your trousers. If there is an icon in the form of a crossed-out container on them, such trousers cannot be washed at all, only dry cleaning is possible. The icon with the image of a hand immersed in a container of water indicates that this product should not be machine washed. In addition, when washing and soaking, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. It is also impossible to squeeze out such a product.

Step 2

If you can wash your trousers, take out everything in your pockets, zip up and close the buttons. Unfold the pants in the bath, stretching them all the way down.

Step 3

Wet the product with water using the shower without blocking the drain. Water should not collect in the bathtub.

Step 4

Then sprinkle the trousers with laundry detergent for woolen and delicates, or scrub them with regular laundry soap.

Step 5

Take a clothes brush. It is better to use a special brush with nylon fibers. Carefully and slowly wipe the entire surface of the fabric of the trousers, both front and back.

Step 6

Brush the waistband and fabric around the pockets and lower legs with a special brush. The main pollution accumulates on them, so more attention should be paid to these places.

Step 7

Leave the pants on for 20-25 minutes for the detergent to remove stubborn dirt.

Step 8

Brush the pants again and rinse with clean water.

Step 9

Hang the trousers over the tub by the hook. In no case should you squeeze them out.

Step 10

When the main part of the water drains, the product needs to be straightened and weighed onto the balcony, and you need to hang it not by the trousers, but only by the belt.

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