How To Shape A Beret

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How To Shape A Beret
How To Shape A Beret

Video: How To Shape A Beret

Video: How To Shape A Beret
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The beret is associated with practicality and comfort. But this headdress, like no other, emphasizes the individuality and reveals the taste of its owner. Changing the shape of the beret, you create a new unique image every time.

How to shape a beret
How to shape a beret


Step 1

The beret is suitable for almost any type of face, it does not spoil the hairstyle, does not adhere to the head as tightly as a hat. Berets are popular among young people and women of more mature age. The larger the beret, the easier it is to give it the required shape.

Step 2

If you prefer the traditional shape of the beret, then wear it shifted on the forehead, partially or completely cover the ears, and pull the back part further over the back of the head.

Step 3

The sports uniform of a beret looks good with youth jackets, windbreakers, pullovers. Put on the beret in such a way that it resembles a cap in shape, i.e. slide it over the front of your head. Soft tissue berets are better suited for this wearing style.

Step 4

The form of a beret for a retro style is considered fashionable today. Slide the beret onto one side (the model should be very voluminous), completely covering one side of the head and even the neck with it, and the other side will be open. It looks very elegant, so there is no need to even attach any additional decorations in the form of brooches or flowers.

Step 5

You can change the shape of the beret not only by putting it on in different ways, but also with the help of various accessories. You can pin one side of the beret with a decorative pin and you have a completely new headdress shape. For thick knitted berets, use various pompons, knitted flowers, braids as decoration. Fine-knit berets can be decorated with sequins, brooches and rhinestones.

Step 6

Another beret shape is in the form of a hat. Such berets are more suitable for festive parties, going to the theater, and various celebrations. They can be made from a variety of fabrics and colors. Choose such berets to match the main costume or individual elements of the outfit's decor. Very popular is the small Chanel style, made of black velvet or satin and decorated with a small brooch. Wear this beret only for special occasions.

Step 7

Many women of fashion are able to make themselves various berets, to give them any shape. To do this, you just need to own a little crochet or knitting needles. And your imagination will tell you how to put on this or that beret to look charming and romantic.

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