How To Sew A Skirt Like A Dude

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How To Sew A Skirt Like A Dude
How To Sew A Skirt Like A Dude

Video: How To Sew A Skirt Like A Dude

Video: How To Sew A Skirt Like A Dude
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Retro has become fashionable. A fluffy skirt that accentuates the thin waist becomes part of the fashionista's wardrobe again. And you don't have to look for it in designer stores. The product can be sewn by hand. True, such a skirt will require a lot of fabric.

How to sew a skirt like a dude
How to sew a skirt like a dude

It is necessary

  • -tape measure;
  • - sheet of whatman paper;
  • -pencil;
  • -the cloth;
  • - threads;
  • -sewing machine;
  • -needle;
  • -scissors.


Step 1

Make a pattern. To do this, measure your waist, and then run a centimeter from the waist to the desired point on the leg to get the length of the garment. Now take a sheet of Whatman paper (you may need to put several sheets side by side and pin it with pins) and draw two circles on it - one inside the other. The diameter of the smaller circle should be equal to the diameter of the waist of the product. The diameter of the larger circle is the desired length of the skirt. To repeat the image of the dudes, it is better to choose a length up to the middle of the knee or slightly longer.

Step 2

Cut out the resulting piece and transfer it to the fabric. Then cut the skirt out of the fabric, while the scissors should rest on some surface so that the cut is as even as possible. Make a slit on the back or side for the zipper to be sewn into later. If the fabric is not wide enough, cut out two halves of the skirt and then join with side seams. But don't forget to leave room for the lightning. Seams on the back of the product should be zigzagged and ironed.

Step 3

Cut out a piece of the belt. This is a rectangular strip, the width of which is equal to twice the width of the intended belt (the part is folded in half), and the length should correspond to the waist circumference plus a centimeter on each side - a seam allowance.

Step 4

Sew the waistband to the skirt part so that the zipper slot remains free. That is, the joint of the belt should fall on the slot in the skirt itself. To do this, bend the part of the belt in half, bend it from the bottom so that an unprocessed piece of fabric does not stick out, insert the upper edge of the skirt into the resulting part and sew on a sewing machine. Now process the joint of the belt, slightly bend the edges of the slit for the zipper inward. Iron the belt and sew the clasp into the garment.

Step 5

The bottom edge of the skirt can be folded over, or it can be trimmed with braid or ribbon. Scissors should make notches on the inner side of the tape so that the tape follows the circle well and does not bump.

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