How To Buy A Fur Coat In China

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How To Buy A Fur Coat In China
How To Buy A Fur Coat In China
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Chinese natural fur coats are confidently conquering the market. Fur coats made in China are much cheaper than their European counterparts. Chinese manufacturers, like European ones, purchase furs at auctions where Russian or Canadian skins are presented. If the tailoring is factory-made, then the quality of a fur coat made in China is not inferior to the quality of a fur coat made in Europe.

How to buy a fur coat in China
How to buy a fur coat in China


Step 1

You can buy a fur coat made of natural fur in China almost everywhere. Fur coats are sold both in markets and in specialized stores. The goods and prices are about the same everywhere. However, it is best to go to Beijing, Guangzhou, Suifenhe or Harbin for a fur coat. When purchasing a fur coat in China, you need to bargain, since prices are initially overstated by at least 50%.

Step 2

When choosing a fur coat, you must first of all pay attention to the quality of the fur. The fur should be shiny and not fray. The value of a fur coat lies in its lightness. For example, a quality mink jacket can be rolled up and fitted into a medium-sized handbag.

Step 3

Often, Chinese traders try to offer tourists low-quality goods, which must be disposed of first. Therefore, it is advisable to immediately explain that you are interested in a high quality product. Then you will be sure to bring a high-quality product from the warehouse. Having chosen a fur coat, you need to make sure that it was it, and not just the rejected model, that was packaged for you, and only then pay for the purchase.

Step 4

The average price for a mink jacket in China is 25,000-30,000 rubles. A mink coat "on the floor" will cost about 50,000-60000 rubles.

Step 5

The best are considered to be black diamond mink coats. Such fur coats cost from 40,000 to 70,000 rubles, depending on the model.

Step 6

Raccoon fur coats cost from 12,000 to 18,000 rubles, from a shorn beaver - from 20,000 to 30,000 rubles.

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