How To Identify A Beaver Fur Coat

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How To Identify A Beaver Fur Coat
How To Identify A Beaver Fur Coat
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Buying a fur coat made from natural fur is not the cheapest pleasure. Beaver outerwear, even without skillful workmanship, is considered one of the most expensive. But if you buy a real beaver, such a fur coat will last up to 18 seasons with proper care.

How to identify a beaver fur coat
How to identify a beaver fur coat


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The desire to buy a fur coat from this river animal is quite justified: it is warm, does not absorb water, is soft, and most importantly, it is wear-resistant. In terms of abrasion resistance, beaver fur is only slightly inferior to muton and otter. Beaver fur coats are at the upper end of the price range. This is due to the fact that these animals do not lend themselves to cultivation, they are caught in the wild, which sets serious restrictions that will not allow the populations of river animals to decrease to a critical level. In addition, not every animal will go for fur: the skins of males are the warmest. The most expensive specimens of fur coats are made from skins of young animals carefully selected in color.

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The cost of a high-quality beaver coat exceeds 100,000 rubles. In the off-season, a slight price reduction is possible, but for 50 thousand, and even more for 30 natural beavers, you will not find anywhere else. Sellers are tempted to pass off a sheared Rex rabbit as the fur of this animal. But compare: a beaver fur coat will last 15-18 seasons, and a rabbit fur coat only 2.

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An inexperienced buyer is unlikely to be able to immediately feel the difference between a fake or a fur coat with poor workmanship and a high-quality beaver, but there are still some signs. For all its merits, the skin of a beaver cannot be light and warm at the same time. For the sake of a more presentable appearance and lightness, the fur can be thinned by plucking and stretching the skin itself, but in this case the fur coat will be cold if sewn without lining, and the high-quality fur of this animal is so warm that the finished product does not need an additional layer of fabric.

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A quality beaver fur coat, not overdried and not stretched, is easy to check for compression. Bend the floor of the product and quickly release. The fur should return to its original appearance. Run the sleeve against the direction of the fur's growth. Under the flexible hairs, you will see thick fluff. The color of the beaver's fur can range from light chestnut to black-brown.

Step 5

A shorn beaver is a great rarity, so if you are offered a product made of such fur, you are assured that it is a fur coat made of this river animal in front of you, most likely they are deceiving you and trying to slip a rabbit. Be guided by the above-mentioned cost of the fur of a real beaver.

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