How To Decorate Old Jeans

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How To Decorate Old Jeans
How To Decorate Old Jeans
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The fact that jeans are worn out is not a reason to get rid of them. You can turn them into a real masterpiece of design art with your own hands and it is not at all necessary to be a professional seamstress for this. Just decorate them with beads, rivets, lace, buttons, and an exclusive will appear in your wardrobe, which will certainly become the envy of passers-by.

How to decorate old jeans
How to decorate old jeans

It is necessary

  • - felt-tip pens for fabric;
  • - acrylic paints;
  • - lace;
  • - stencils;
  • - rhinestones;
  • - beads;
  • - buttons;
  • - threads for embroidery;
  • - rivets.


Step 1

The easiest way to decorate your old jeans is to paint them with fabric markers or acrylics. With their help, you can create whole pictures or individual scenes on jeans. Before painting, be sure to put cardboard or cellophane under the place where you will make the drawing so that the paint does not leak. First make a sketch, then color it in and let it dry. After that, iron the place of the pattern from the wrong side with an iron.

Step 2

If drawing isn't your forte, don't be discouraged. Stencils will come to the rescue. Both disposable vinyl napkins and lace can act in their role. Secure the stencil to the jeans with tape and apply acrylic paint in the slots. To apply it, you can use a brush or foam sponge. You can also use a can of paint. In this case, cover the fabric around the stencil with newspaper to protect it from accidental splashes. In order not to smear the resulting drawing, remove the stencil only after the paint has completely dried.

Step 3

Liven up your jeans with appliqué. There is a wide selection of them in a sewing store. It will not be difficult to attach them. Simply attach the applique to the jeans and use a hot iron to run over it. For more strength, grab it with threads from the inside out.

Step 4

To make your jeans literally shine and sparkle with colorful lights, arm yourself with rhinestones and sequins. You can use them both individually and together. Lay out a pattern from them or scatter them randomly over jeans. It all depends on your preference. In addition, you can sew on beads, multi-colored buttons, beads on jeans. Just don't overdo it. The abundance of such decor is a clear sign of bad taste.

Step 5

Decorate your old jeans with rivets. They look great on side seams and pockets. However, they can also be placed on the leg. Again, it all depends on your imagination and preferences. With rivets, you can lay out a word or a picture.

Step 6

Sew suede or leather fringes along the side seams to give your old jeans a new lease of life. On knees and pockets, you can sew patches to match the fringe.

Step 7

Decorate jeans with embroidery. You can make it yourself with the help of a floss thread, or you can buy it ready-made and just glue it.

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