How To Dye Knitwear

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How To Dye Knitwear
How To Dye Knitwear
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Despite the abundance of various detergents and bleaches in stores, there are still stains that do not wash off. But what if something like this turned out to be on your favorite jersey sweater? There is a radical remedy - repainting the thing.

How to dye knitwear
How to dye knitwear

It is necessary

  • - jersey;
  • - fabric paint;
  • - a container for soaking the fabric.


Step 1

Determine the composition of your knitwear. Typically, the information is given on the label as a percentage of the various fibers. If there is no label or it has not been preserved, determine the type of fabric yourself. To do this, pull a small piece of thread from the inside out of the seam and set it on fire. Natural fibers such as wool, cotton or silk will burn quickly. At the same time, synthetic threads will rather melt rather than burn.

Step 2

Find the right dye for your fiber type. To do this, go to a hardware or craft store and talk to your salesperson about which paint brand is right for your application. Do not forget to clarify what you are going to wear and wash this thing - in this case, for example, the paints used for batik will not work for you.

Step 3

Be careful when choosing paint colors. If you need to change the shade of the colored knitwear, be aware that color mixing will occur. Therefore, to get orange from a yellow thing, you need to use a red dye.

Step 4

Prepare the item for coloring. It must be washed thoroughly and all accessories, such as fasteners and buttons, must be ripped off.

Step 5

Prepare paint by following package directions. It is best to dilute it in a saucepan with enough water so that your jersey is completely covered with the dye and does not wrinkle. It is best to soften the dilution water with a little baking soda. The temperature of the staining solution should be about fifty degrees.

Step 6

Place your item in a saucepan, place the container on the stove, and bring the water to a boil. Then proceed in accordance with the instructions for a particular paint - how long and at what temperature you need to continue the process.

Step 7

Carefully remove the painted item, let the remaining solution drain and rinse it in cold water. Then dry it. After dyeing, it is advisable not to wash your knitwear for several days.

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