How To Choose A Bridesmaid Outfit: Practical Tips

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How To Choose A Bridesmaid Outfit: Practical Tips
How To Choose A Bridesmaid Outfit: Practical Tips

Video: How To Choose A Bridesmaid Outfit: Practical Tips

Video: How To Choose A Bridesmaid Outfit: Practical Tips
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Getting ready for a wedding is always an exciting time for the bride, because absolutely everything needs to be foreseen, including the outfits for the bridesmaids.

The tradition of dressing bridesmaids in the same dresses came from the United States and European countries, but in fact it originated in ancient Rome. Friends of the groom and bridesmaids dressed like newlyweds to confuse hostile spirits. Now this custom, of course, has lost its original meaning - now it is, rather, a tribute to fashion.

If you are a bride

1. Do not choose outfits of too light shades for girlfriends, it is better to prefer something brighter. Then, in the photo, the dresses of the girlfriends will make up a particularly winning background for a white wedding dress.

2. Do not wear absolutely identical dresses for your girlfriends. If they are of the same color, then they should be of different styles, and vice versa - outfits of the same style should be of different colors. At the same time, the dresses of the girlfriends will certainly correspond to the wedding dress and the general concept of the celebration.

3. Shortly before the wedding, invite your friends to have a dress rehearsal in dresses. But you should do it delicately so as not to offend, because one of the girlfriends may decide that you do not trust their taste.

4. When choosing dresses for girlfriends, do not forget about shoes, handbags, accessories, as well as hairstyles and makeup. All this, of course, should be thought over and discussed in advance.


If you are a bridesmaid

1. As much as you would like to wear the chicest of your outfits, it is better to save it for another occasion. You should not wear a dress for a wedding in which you can outshine the bride - this is bad form.

2. Do not choose a white dress, because white is the bride's color. As a last resort, it is better to discuss this moment with the bride in advance.

3. The ideal choice for a wedding will be dresses of light colors; with dark, especially black dresses, it is better to be careful. Although, again, everything can be negotiated with the bride.

4. Do not wear too cocky outfit with a deep neckline or short skirt. Another mistake is a dress with a crinoline, if this is not agreed in advance.

5. If you are invited to a wedding where the bride herself chooses dresses for her bridesmaids, then you are in a sense lucky and do not need to rack your brains over the outfit. Another thing is that the proposed outfit may not like it at all. What to do in this case is up to you.

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