Basic Wardrobe For Pregnant Women

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Basic Wardrobe For Pregnant Women
Basic Wardrobe For Pregnant Women

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Video: Basic Wardrobe For Pregnant Women
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The gestation period lasts for a relatively short period of time, but requires quite large financial costs. Therefore, it is important to collect the most practical basic set of clothes that will allow the expectant mother to look great both during pregnancy and later during the nursing period.

Basic wardrobe for pregnant women
Basic wardrobe for pregnant women


    Underwear is one of the most important items during pregnancy. Since shapes change quickly, it is better to buy special nursing underwear, and not just a bra a couple of sizes larger than usual. The main thing to pay attention to: 1) The straps should be wide enough and not cut into the skin, 2) The bodice should have special fasteners so that you can feed the baby without taking it off, 3) The elastic under the breast should be wide and tight enough, to support enlarging breasts. Two bras in black, flesh or white are enough, depending on the prevailing color scheme of clothing. Swimming trunks for pregnant women differ from ordinary ones with an elastic band, it is more elastic and should not press on the lower abdomen.


    It is best if you purchase two T-shirts, for example a black and a white one. Many clothing manufacturers sell them as a set. Maternity T-shirts are longer than usual and have small gathers on the sides, this allows the clothes to fit perfectly on you, not only as your belly grows, but also during the recovery period after childbirth.

    Jeans or pants for pregnant women

    These trousers / jeans usually have a wide fabric belt with a wide elastic band that fits comfortably and supports the belly. The material of the pants / jeans themselves is quite elastic, which is also a big plus, since the legs and hips can change their volume during pregnancy.

    Dress or sundress

    It is better to buy a dress in a free cut, this will allow you to wear it in the last months of pregnancy. If your pregnancy is in the fall or winter, a sundress, under which you can wear a blouse or T-shirt, would be a good option. This will increase the number of variations of assembled kits.

    Cardigan or oversized jacket

    A cardigan or jacket in a neutral color, such as beige or black, without buttons or with one button, will work. These conditions will allow you to wear it for a long time and create various combinations both with jeans / trousers, and with a dress or sundress.


    There are many options for shoes that will go well with a dress and jeans. These are loafers, mules, and sneakers. The most important conditions are that the shoes should be lightweight and comfortable.


    The accessories are likely to remain the same. The only thing that will be an important purchase is a backpack, which can fit a folder with documents, analyzes and conclusions from doctors. Later, this backpack will come in handy for you when walking with your child, and it will also be much more useful for your back than a one shoulder bag.

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