How To Restore Shoe Leather

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How To Restore Shoe Leather
How To Restore Shoe Leather

Video: How To Restore Shoe Leather

Video: How To Restore Shoe Leather
Video: Ultimate Guide To Restoring Leather Boots // Back To Life In 4 Mins 2023, April

If the leather on the shoe is cracked, lost its shine, and scratches appear on it, it is not necessary to put it in a far corner. There are many ways to "revive" the leather surface, which will help the shoe to last more than one season.

How to restore shoe leather
How to restore shoe leather

It is necessary

  • - spray paint
  • - spray for cleaning
  • - shoe polish
  • - velvet
  • - glycerin
  • - petroleum jelly
  • - sponge


Step 1

To keep the leather on your boots looking for a longer time, take care of it after each wear. To do this, take a sponge or soft cloth dipped in clean water and wring it out well so that it becomes barely damp. Wipe the leather surface of the shoe with it. Then dry your boots away from hot batteries or any other heat source.

Step 2

Any specialty shoe store sells shoe care products. They come in different consistencies, including in the form of a spray. All you need is to spray it several times on the leather surface and polish it with a soft cloth or velvet cloth. Such products will help to cope with stubborn dirt, returning the shoe to a "fresh" look.

Step 3

If leather shoes have recently begun to lose their shine, regularly (at least 2 times a week) treat their surface with a water-repellent cream, the main purpose of which is to soften and prevent cracks. Give preference to European brands that are more expensive than any others, but at the same time look after more effectively. Apply the cream only to dry shoes.

Step 4

Coloring agents, which can also be found in shoe stores, will help restore the color of leather shoes. With their help, you will update old boots or boots by “refreshing” the base color or giving them a different shade. Dyes will mask scratches and, if the product is really of high quality, protect the shoes from cracks. Do not forget to read the detailed instructions before use.

Step 5

How to eliminate stains that may appear on boots during wear? Cut the onion in half and rub the soiled areas with it, or use a cotton swab moistened with onion juice. If your shoes start to fade, regular application of glycerin or petroleum jelly will help restore the skin's surface. In addition, with the help of glycerin, you can remove traces of mold that have appeared from dampness.

Step 6

None of the methods gave the expected results? Contact companies that offer professional leather restoration on shoes. This method, perhaps, will be the most effective, but only if you intend to wear spoiled shoes for more than one season, since such a service will require certain financial costs.

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