How To Clean Light-colored Shoes

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How To Clean Light-colored Shoes
How To Clean Light-colored Shoes

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Video: How To Clean Light-colored Shoes
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Light colored shoes draw attention to your feet and strongly influence the whole look. Such shoes, however, like any other, require special care. The light tone of the shoe emphasizes the material from which it is made, the accessories and the quality of its work. On it, dirt and traces of time are more noticeable. Therefore, you should take into account some subtleties when caring for shoes of light colors.

How to clean light-colored shoes
How to clean light-colored shoes

It is necessary

Cleaning and polishing products for light-colored shoes, brushes, sponges, napkins


Step 1

Use special protective equipment before going outside. It is especially important to remember this during cold and wet seasons. Now you can pick up good care products for light-colored shoes, taking into account the material of the product. There are special waterproof impregnations and dyes for suede and nubuck. Shoe stores usually offer a wide variety of these products, and you can get a dealer's advice on caring for your new pair of light-colored shoes.

Step 2

Be sure to clean your shoes after each use, taking into account the material. Preliminary cleaning of leather, suede and nubuck shoes from dust and dirt should be carried out only with a dry cloth. Otherwise, you will only rub the dirt into your skin. Purchase a special detergent to remove stubborn dirt. This powerful foam removes stubborn dirt with ease without altering the color or texture of the skin.

Step 3

Use crepe brushes, velor erasers, and cleaning sponges for light-sanded leather shoes. This will help preserve its appearance for a long time.

Step 4

Shine your smooth light-colored shoes with a special brush or napkin. Look for polishes for light, smooth leather and other shoe materials.

Step 5

Treat the embossed surface of your shoe materials only with special products. This applies to products made from reptile leather and embossed leather. Be sure to use sponges to clean these surfaces. Their cleaning zone is designed in such a way that it allows you to clean the entire embossed surface, removing all existing dirt, without affecting the color and material.

Step 6

Care for light-colored woven shoes using the designated liquid products. Penetrating easily into the weaves, they clean up any dirt and help to increase the wear life.

Step 7

Be sure to store light-colored shoes in a separate box to protect them from dust. It eats into the porous structure of leather and other materials that make up your shoes. This affects the color and greatly spoils the appearance.

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