How Unusual To Lace Up Shoes

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How Unusual To Lace Up Shoes
How Unusual To Lace Up Shoes

Video: How Unusual To Lace Up Shoes

Video: How Unusual To Lace Up Shoes
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Sports shoes such as sneakers and sneakers can be diversified with original lacing. There are a great many fashionable ways. Thanks to them, the shoes acquire a completely different appearance: more stylish and unusual.

Hidden Knot Laces
Hidden Knot Laces

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Step 1

Straight or rectangular lacing. Having completed this lacing, the sneakers will look very neat. First, run the lace through the bottom holes and tuck it inside the shoe. Now lift one end of the lace up to the right: take it out of the upper hole and thread it into the left hole. Lift both laces up and out through one hole. After that, bring the ends to the opposite side and pull higher. Continue lacing until all holes are over. The other lace should come out through the remaining hole at the top. This type of lacing is suitable for shoes with an even number of holes.

Step 2

Lacing with hidden knot. By hiding the knot, you keep your shoes neat and attractive. Start lacing the shoes using the straight lacing method, but make the left end shorter than the right. Lace up the right end to the top, and leave the left end unlaced. Let both ends go inside the sneaker. Now tie them to the left inside the shoe. Loosen the lacing if necessary. This method creates straight lines throughout the shoe.

Step 3

Extreme lacing is a simplified version of stylish straight lacing. Pull one end of the lace straight to the very top, and the other should go through all the holes. Please note that the ends of the lace must be of different lengths for lacing. Adjust it yourself.

Step 4

The sawtooth lacing is easy to tighten without the sides aligning. First, pass the lace through the bottom holes and put it inside the shoe at both ends. Lift one end of the lace up from the inside, pull it out of the hole and pull it horizontally to the opposite side. Pull the other end of the lace obliquely inside the shoe, skip one hole, and then horizontally lead into the hole on the opposite side. Lace up diagonally until one end reaches the top hole. After that, lift the other end along your side inside the shoe by one hole and bring it out.

Step 5

Commodity lacing is used by workers in stores. It is very light and fast due to the fact that one end of the lace is passed into the upper hole, and the other gradually laces up the entire boot. So, pass the lace through the bottom holes and pull both ends inside the shoe. Pull the left end up diagonally: it should exit through the upper right hole. Pull the right end in a zigzag through all the holes: from the bottom to the very top.

Step 6

Knot lacing is one of the strongest. Apply it to ski boots and roller skates. So, thread the lace into the bottom holes and pull both ends out. Cross the ends with each other and tie once at a tie. After that, spread the ends in different directions, put them under the hole and pull them out from the front. Repeat the pattern all the way to the top. This lacing is very difficult to loosen - this is its only drawback.

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