How To Dress Stylishly For Work In Winter?

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How To Dress Stylishly For Work In Winter?
How To Dress Stylishly For Work In Winter?

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Video: How To Dress Stylishly For Work In Winter?
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Probably everyone knows the Russian proverb, which says that "they are greeted according to their clothes, but they are escorted according to their minds." What's more, numerous studies from different countries have confirmed that a woman's neat and stylish look can affect her career. In a cold winter, looking great in the workplace is not an easy task, because you need to take care not only of beauty, but also of warmth.

How to dress stylishly for work in winter?
How to dress stylishly for work in winter?

It is necessary

Each area of work has its own, so-called, dress code, so the most important thing is not to break the established rules. Dress the way your boss dresses. Most often, it is recommended not to wear too tight pants, transparent sweaters and blouses, short skirts, not to show deep necklines and not to overdo it with eccentric accessories, bright colors and makeup. The clothes that you choose for relaxation or self-expression of your personality, it is better to leave for meetings with friends


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Stylish solutions

In order to look decent at work, you don't have to dress boringly or choose only classic clothes, excluding any modern fashion trends. According to Deichmann stylists, contrasting colors and materials are very fashionable this year. For example, the top and bottom of a suit can be made of different materials. A solid or checkered woolen tweed jacket that can be combined with silk blouses of various colors will add comfort to your look. If it's very cold outside, you can change your blouse for a golf - while you will not freeze, but you will look just as stylish, because knee-highs are also in fashion this year! It is also more elegant and better than wearing a fluffy sweater at work.

Another positive trend: the return of pencil skirts. Such a skirt, especially made of warm fabric, will not be replaceable this winter, but of course you can choose other models as well. The most important limitation for skirts at work is a suitable length, and for pants - that they are not jeans or leggings.

You can't go wrong by choosing the classic black, brown, blue, gray or sandy color and enlivening them with subtle accessories.

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Winter shoes

Shoes are one of the most important parts of clothing, by which not only men but also women are often judged. As with all clothing, shoes should always be clean and tidy: no worn heels or salt stains. It is recommended to choose modestly decorated classic models that are not too much decorated with rivets, fur or other bright elements.

For lovers of flat-soled shoes, Chelsea ankle boots with an elastic strip on the side are suitable, allowing you to feel comfortable and adding exclusivity to the chosen ensemble. If you use public transport and don't want to spend a lot of time caring for your shoes, choose leather over suede.

For women who prefer heels, shoes with an interesting, curved, wide heel are suitable - stability in winter is very important. Although ankle boots are in trend this year, those who love skirts and dresses should choose the never-out-of-fashion high boots. Especially fashionable at the moment are high-heeled ankle boots, in which the nose is decorated with snakeskin ornaments or patent leather elements.

For those who are not decisive, warm ankle boots with lacing and high heels are suitable. Best to choose

Step 3

If you want to know what is fashionable to wear in the office this year, here are some tips from Deichmann stylists: a model that has a non-roughly serrated pattern on the soles and laces that are not sporty.

Shoes richly decorated with fur are popular this winter. According to stylists, this type of footwear will perfectly complement the winter leisure ensemble, but such footwear should not be worn in the office. If this type of shoe is your favorite this winter, just change it for another appropriate shoe at the office. This way you won't overheat and thus maintain a business-like work style.

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