How To Stretch Suede

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How To Stretch Suede
How To Stretch Suede

Video: How To Stretch Suede

Video: How To Stretch Suede
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Before you buy suede shoes, you should carefully study the rules for caring for them. She is very moody, can quickly shrink and lose her attractiveness. Never buy shoes only according to the markings - measure them so that your foot is absolutely comfortable. Not a single shoemaker can change the size 37 of boots to 38. However, it is possible to stretch the suede a little with the help of some special and improvised means.

How to stretch suede
How to stretch suede

It is necessary

  • Warm and hot water
  • Alcohol or alcohol-based product
  • Cotton wool
  • Towel and shoe box
  • Special "stretching" means for shoes
  • Thick socks


Step 1

Stretch suede shoes with water. Soak thick socks in warm water, wring them out and put them on your feet. Rinse the inner surface of the product with boiling water and drain the liquid. Put on your shoes right away and walk like that for a couple of hours. Natural leather will soften from moisture and stretch a little. Before wearing suede, you can also:

- Moisten newspapers with water and stuff them tightly into tight suede shoes. So she must stand the night.

- Wrap the suede in a towel dipped in boiling water and carefully wrung out. You can put on your shoes after 5 minutes.

- At night, line the shoebox with a damp hot towel, put items in it and cover tightly with a lid. In the morning, you can stretch the suede.

Step 2

Use alcohol or any alcohol-containing product to wear out suede - vodka, cologne, denatured alcohol, alcohol lotion. Using a cotton swab, moisten the inside of your shoes and immediately put them on tight socks. You can also pour an alcohol-based product into items stuffed with newspapers to wet all the paper. Allow the packing to dry completely at room temperature.

Step 3

Buy a special aerosolized suede shoe stretcher (Shoe Stretcher or Shoe Distributor). Follow the instructions. Typically, a spray (or foam) from the package is applied to the hard area of the shoe that needs to be softened and stretched. Then they put on their shoes and walk for half an hour. It's good if you have the right size shoe last. By the way, it is available in professional shoe workshops, some of which offer their services for stretching suede.

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