How To Stretch Leather Boots

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How To Stretch Leather Boots
How To Stretch Leather Boots

Video: How To Stretch Leather Boots

Video: How To Stretch Leather Boots
Video: How to Stretch Leather Boots : Leather Care 2023, April

When buying, you should carefully try on shoes so that you can walk comfortably and comfortably in them. But what if the purchased leather boots, during the first socks, rub their legs and shake? They can be stretched at home in several ways.

How to stretch leather boots
How to stretch leather boots

It is necessary

  • - terry socks;
  • - hairdryer;
  • - thick plastic bags;
  • - alcohol (vodka);
  • - Castor oil;
  • - paper or newspapers;
  • - a special spray or foam for stretching;
  • - cotton fabric.


Step 1

The fastest and most effective way to stretch leather boots.

Put your shoes on wet terry socks. Heat outside with a jet of hot air (eg with a hair dryer). When your feet get hot, turn off the hair dryer, and do not take off your boots until they cool completely.

Step 2

The most gentle method of stretching genuine leather boots is to use oil. For example, you can use castor. Lubricate tight boots with it inside and out. After that, put on your shoes and wear at home for a while. A few hours after oiling, be sure to clean your boots. In this way, you can stretch not only the size, but the boot shaft itself.

Step 3

Fill sturdy plastic bags with water, tie tightly and place in boots. Then put your shoes in the freezer. Wait for the water to turn into ice and then defrost. When the liquid freezes, it increases in volume, due to this, the boots stretch a little.

Step 4

Another way: stuff the boots tightly with wet newspaper or paper, leave to dry completely at room temperature for a day. But do not put it on heating devices, otherwise the leather of the shoe will be deformed and will lie in bumps. With this method, leather boots stretch very slightly.

Step 5

To get a good result, use special sprays or foams to stretch your shoes. Such products are sold in specialized shoe stores. Use them according to the attached instructions.

Step 6

To make the leather boots stretch and take the shape of a leg, you can do this: pour a small amount of alcohol (vodka, cologne) into the shoes, immediately put it on your foot and then moisten the top of the shoe. Walk around in your boots for a while, and then dry them well.

Step 7

Wrap the leather boots for a few minutes in a cotton cloth soaked in hot water and wrung out. Next, grease the stretched shoes with oil (for example, castor oil) and leave in this form for a day.

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