How To Repair The Sole

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How To Repair The Sole
How To Repair The Sole

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Shoe repair is a serious business, so it is better to entrust it to a professional shoemaker. But there are times when a specialist is not available, and shoes need to be repaired desperately. After some practice, you may well be able to do some minor repairs to your shoes yourself, such as fixing the outsole.

How to repair the sole
How to repair the sole

It is necessary

Hook (awl), thread (regular or waxed), fishing line, wax, tar, pencil, rasp, sandpaper, rubber glue, glue "88", old toothbrush, sharp knife


Step 1

Prepare thread for stitching the sole. Take a regular thread and treat it with wax or tar - this will make the thread waterproof and prevent it from spinning into individual fibers.

Step 2

Take a shoe and draw a stitching line in a circle with a pencil, stepping back at least 5 mm from the edge of the welt (otherwise the welt may fray when the thread is pulled).

Step 3

Using an awl with a hook at the end, pierce the sole along the marked line and make stitches at intervals of no more than 10 mm. Pull each stitch so that the thread does not slack or form loops. Try to sew the stitches so that the thread is not visible from the outside. You can make a small indentation in the sole along the line of the stitches. Practice making such a "channel" on unnecessary shoes.

Step 4

The second option for repairing the sole requires skill in working with glue. If the sole is leather, sand it with a rasp or coarse sandpaper.

Step 5

Cut the outsole out of thin foam rubber.

Step 6

Take rubber glue, glue brand "88" and mix both compounds in a ratio of 4: 1. Apply the resulting mixture in a thin layer with an old toothbrush on the sole of the shoe and on the outsole. Try to keep the glue from clumping. The applied glue should dry for 5 minutes.

Step 7

Now once again smear the prepared composition on the leather sole. Dry the glue again for a few minutes and firmly bond the surfaces to be glued. Leave the repaired item under load for one day. Now trim the raised edges of the outsole with a sharp knife. Your updated shoes are ready to serve you further.

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