How To Choose Spring Boots

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How To Choose Spring Boots
How To Choose Spring Boots

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Demi-season, that is, designed to be worn in spring and autumn, boots must be chosen, guided not only by their appearance. Due to the Russian climatic features, these shoes must first of all be moisture resistant, adapted to the weather conditions of the area where you live.

How to choose spring boots
How to choose spring boots


Step 1

Start visiting shoe stores in the afternoon, when the volume of your legs slightly increases due to the blood flow from walking. The boots bought in the morning on an unused leg can later be reaped for this very reason. Try on the model you like, be sure to wear a sock, walk around the hall in it for at least ten minutes to see if it is comfortable for you.

Step 2

Examine the boots carefully, check if there are any visible defects on them. A high-quality product should have even, neat seams, including on the inside, where the insole is. Also, there should be no traces of glue on the boots. If you like a model with a zipper, check it: zip and unfasten it several times. Pay attention to the presence of a retainer so that the zipper does not part.

Step 3

Consider the sole: it should not have creases, scuffs, cracks, even microscopic ones. If the sole is made of genuine leather, it will most likely wear out quickly, so you will need to immediately put prophylaxis on the boots. Soles made of rubber and polyurethane have moisture-proof properties, which is important for spring.

Step 4

If you are choosing leather shoes and you want them to be natural, arrange for a little inspection. Bend the boot shaft slightly: if it is made of genuine leather, folds will remain on it when folded. Look inside, peel back the insole and check the edge of the unfinished leather: it should be without a fabric backing. Finally, place your palm on the leather surface: natural material will seem warmer to you than artificial material.

Step 5

Think carefully before choosing suede boots for spring. Even if you mostly drive a car, just a few occasional exits in the rain and mud are enough to ruin a material like suede. If you live where real floods and floods begin in the off-season, and at the same time walk a lot, buy rubber boots better. Modern fashion quite allows them for everyday wear in the city, especially since designer models made of rubber, like leather, are equipped with heels, pointed or round toes and a zipper.

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