What To Wear With Ankle Boots

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What To Wear With Ankle Boots
What To Wear With Ankle Boots

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Ankle boots are a great example of women's shoes for every day. Elegant fall ankle boots make a good pair with long or cropped trousers, as well as skirts and casual or party dresses.

Low-rise lace-up ankle boots go well with almost any outfit
Low-rise lace-up ankle boots go well with almost any outfit

How to choose ankle boots?

When choosing ankle boots, first of all, one should take into account the height and stability of the heel. A thick heel with a height of no more than 6 centimeters is the most suitable option for every day. These shoes are feminine and visually lengthen the leg, and are also comfortable to walk and perfect for business wear.

Slender girls can choose for themselves ankle boots with stiletto heels or options with a flat sole, and for girls with shapes, a wedge heel and a wide stable heel are suitable.

In addition to the heel, you should pay attention to the color of the model and the material from which it is made. The easiest way is to opt for basic shades of black, gray, brown or beige. These colors can be easily combined with any bright or pastel shades.

Suede spring boots are pleasant to the touch and look very expensive, but they are not always practical to use. As for fashionable models made of nubuck or matte leather, in the Russian off-season it is much easier to clean them of dirt than suede ankle boots.

A well-chosen model of ankle boots will not only emphasize the beauty of your legs, but will also make up a variety of sets with all your dresses, skirts and trousers.

Sets with ankle boots

Gray suede ankle boots with a wide stable heel, decorated with lacing, can be combined with almost any clothing. For a tough business look, wear a straight tweed dress with a crew neck and raglan sleeves. Such a simple dress can be decorated in different ways every day, changing scarves, pendants, necklaces, bracelets or wrist watches - modest ankle boots help with this. Put on tights of a similar shade to them - this simple technique will help to lengthen your legs a little.

On Fridays, when a more relaxed style of dress is allowed, pair suede ankle boots with a straight or flared knee-length skirt and a man-cut blouse. The fleecy material of the skirt will echo the suede on the shoes, and the trendy mint shade of the blouse will be appropriate in the evening at a meeting with friends.

For a festive cocktail look, choose a short dress with long sleeves and a kosovorotka neckline. Such a dress is inexpensive and, moreover, is an excellent addition to the basic wardrobe, because in the summer it can be worn with any shoes and sandals. Viscose of bright saturated or delicate shades is ideally combined with the color and texture of gray ankle boots, and the shortened style of the dress will help show your legs from the most advantageous side.

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