Trends: Fashionable Autumn Shoes For Women

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Trends: Fashionable Autumn Shoes For Women
Trends: Fashionable Autumn Shoes For Women

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This season, shoe designers did not overly shock and surprise, but they probably won’t be bored either. Tall, boldly decorated (whether it's cowboy fringe or rivets) boots are a new fall trend.

Trends: Fashionable Autumn Shoes for Women
Trends: Fashionable Autumn Shoes for Women

Designer antics

The trend of autumn "all-terrain vehicles" was determined by leather lacquered low boots with thick soles - such as presented by the Costume National brand. Unusual shoes were shown at the Stella McCartney show - boots with ribbed thick soles, almost platform, with lacing.

In addition to quirky, intricate ankle boots of various configurations - bright colors, with an abundance of decor, the catwalk was simply "blown up" by the incredibly high fringed cowboy boots from Roberto Cavalli. In them, even ordinary, "unfashionable" legs will look a little longer, the silhouette will become thinner, and the "hip fit" - higher.

Second skin

In the coming season, high, tight-fitting boots made of thin (sometimes patent) leather with heels will be incredibly popular. Coloring: snake, python-like prints. These are the boots that the Gucci brand presented on the catwalk in Milan. Gucci also offers solid-colored high-top boots in premium leather in chocolate and coffee shades.

The right of the stronger sex

“Men's” low shoes with heels, with and without lacing - this is one of the main trends of the season. They can be variable, decorated with different kinds of decor, which makes them more feminine, but, nevertheless, they still remain "masculine". However, at Milan Fashion Week, designers offered, among other things, all kinds of sophisticated feminine models: thin straps, a 60s-style heel, a rounded toe.

Chicca Lualdi Bee Queen introduced navy blue, half open, ribbed soles and heels that embody a mixture of traditional classic style paired with what is usually worn with dresses and polo shirts.

A bold trend was proposed by Alberta Feretti: open sandals worn on a woolen toe. Angelo Marani shod models in low-speed shoes "a la Shapoklyak".

You can go shopping in "sleepers" from Del Toro. Don't forget abstract geometric patterns if we're talking about rubber boots.

Summing up all the trends presented at fashion weeks, one can single out such a must-have for autumn 2014: men's-style shoes (oxfords, loafers, moccasins), high (the higher, the better) boots and boots, rubber boots, varnish, suede, natural leather with and without embossing, and on warm days, semi-closed feminine shoes with a pointed or rounded toe, on a thin strap, or with a heel will be indispensable.

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