What Is The Tallest Heel In The World?

What Is The Tallest Heel In The World?
What Is The Tallest Heel In The World?

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The high heel is a very ancient invention. The first owners of such shoes, which made it easier for them to work on loose soil, were Egyptian tillers. Today, stilettos and wedges are exclusively a tribute to fashion. Sometimes the heel height is so huge that there is no question of any convenience.

What is the tallest heel in the world?
What is the tallest heel in the world?

The undoubted leader in heel height today is considered to be the Italian chopine shoes, invented in the middle of the 16th century. Their height reached 60 cm. Only the most noble ladies could wear such shoes, reminiscent of footstools.

The reason for this fashion was quite trivial - the abundance of dirt and impurities on the street forced women to climb on "koturny" so as not to stain the hem of the dress. Naturally, it was impossible to move independently, so the aristocrats always went out into the street, accompanied by at least two maids.

Modern designers, apparently, were seduced by the laurels of medieval shoemakers and decided to keep up. At the moment, the heel is 43 cm high in the Guinness Book of Records. This is the maximum peak that modern shoe masters have reached. Naturally, it is impossible to wear such beauty, since the heel exceeds the length of not only the female foot, but also the largest male foot (38, 1 cm).

To make tall heels more or less wearable, a platform is attached to them.

The record height that Lady Gaga took was the 30-centimeter heel of the famous Alexander McQueen ankle boots. The shoes looked more like a cross between futuristic vases and hooves. It was extremely inconvenient to move around in it, so the queen of outrageousness preferred to enlist the support of two assistants.

The fashion for high heels continues to evolve and takes, at times, bizarre forms. Designers try their best to outdo each other, creating shoes with incredible wedges and stiletto heels. But still, physical data, in particular the length of the foot, do not allow them to develop their imagination to infinity.

Therefore, many fashion designers experiment with the shape of the platform in order to be able to increase the height of the heel. For example, a double sole, when the shoes seem to stand on an additional wedge, allows the stiletto heel to be overstated to the desired 30 centimeters.

And all the same, such shoes can only be demonstrated on the podium and used as museum exhibits. First, it is still very uncomfortable and hazardous to health. Secondly, such models look, to put it mildly, strange. They do not add any charm or elegance, and they can be worn for the sole purpose of shocking the audience.

High heels (over 8 cm) are contraindicated in women suffering from osteoporosis and varicose veins.

The model without a heel, on one platform, attached only to the front, is another trend of the season. Moreover, these shoes have already flooded not only boutiques of exclusive shoes, but also ordinary markets. The height of the sole of such shoes and ankle boots varies within 15 cm. Not the best choice for everyday life, but you can wear it.

You won't surprise anyone with a heel 10-15 cm high. Hollywood celebrities, in particular Victoria Beckham and Beyoncé, simply cannot go out in different shoes. But you should not be like the stars who pay tribute to fashion and pay for it with health of their legs. For everyday wear, a 6 cm wedge is enough, and for special occasions - 10 cm stilettos.

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