How To Iron Jeans

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How To Iron Jeans
How To Iron Jeans

Video: How To Iron Jeans

Video: How To Iron Jeans
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Jeans are perhaps the most popular item in the wardrobe of men, women and children. Casual, comfortable, beautiful - this thing from generation to generation easily conquers its place in the closet. As time shows, high-quality jeans can serve their owner for three years. And with proper care of them, the service life can be extended. Correct care is correct washing, correct drying and correct ironing.

How to iron jeans
How to iron jeans


Step 1

The question of how to iron jeans, and whether to iron them at all, is still relevant. The manufacturers themselves claim that it is not necessary to iron jeans if the washing conditions are observed. But, this is only if you will wash jeans at a temperature of no more than 40 degrees (preferably by hand, also try to avoid washing powders with bleaching properties (the best detergent for washing jeans is laundry soap. Before washing, be sure to fasten all the locks and You don't need to squeeze the jeans, just squeeze them slightly with your hands Dry your jeans by hanging them by the belt on clothespins, in the fresh air, avoiding direct sunlight. Jeans should be dried without kinks. The kinks quickly fade, thereby impairing the appearance If all these conditions are met, jeans after washing will look neat even without ironing.

Step 2

Ironing significantly softens the fabric. And, if you really want to iron jeans, then there are certain rules, the observance of which will help preserve the quality characteristics of this type of clothing.

Step 3

It is necessary to iron the jeans from the wrong side when they are still slightly damp.

Step 4

When ironing, be sure to cover your jeans with gauze or a thin cloth. This will preserve the quality of the fabric and allow better ironing of “hard-to-reach” places.

Step 5

It is recommended that you put a small piece of fabric (for example, a handkerchief) in your jeans to prevent pocket marks from being ironed on your jeans.

Step 6

And the last thing. Don't put on jeans immediately after ironing them. You need to let them "cool" and dry completely. Otherwise, jeans will stretch quickly in the most prominent places.

And let the jeans last a long time!

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