How To Dye A Shirt

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How To Dye A Shirt
How To Dye A Shirt

Video: How To Dye A Shirt

Video: How To Dye A Shirt
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Often a favorite thing wears out over time, fades from washing and fades. You can give your favorite shirt a second life by returning it to its former brightness with the help of dyeing. Even a beginner can cope with the simple technology of dyeing a shirt at home without resorting to dry cleaning.

How to dye a shirt
How to dye a shirt

It is necessary

  • - enameled or galvanized dishes (bucket),
  • - aniline dye,
  • - washing powder,
  • - stain remover,
  • - salt,
  • - vinegar.


Step 1

When preparing a shirt for dyeing, it is necessary to unscrew and check all the pockets, rip off branded labels, buttons, buckles, metal zippers. If it is two-layer, you can, for the convenience of coloring, rip the lining seam at the bottom of the product so that air does not collect inside and the shirt does not float. Before painting, you need to wash your shirt at 30-40 degrees. Pay attention to stains - they need to be removed, especially fatty ones. Do not use the spin cycle in the washing machine, but lightly squeeze the item with your hands. Wet fabric fibers are more evenly impregnated with paint. If the color of the shirt is very bright, you can boil the product using Persoli to partially discolor.

Step 2

For staining at home, you can take a clean enamel or galvanized dish of large volume without chips and defects. The capacity should be 30 times the weight of the dry shirt. Beginners are advised to use aniline fabric dyes that are suitable for all types of fibers. The dye should be poured into cheesecloth and diluted in 200-300 g of water heated to 75 degrees. Then add the full volume of water to the container. Dip the shirt half-flat in the dish and bring the solution to a boil. After fifteen to twenty minutes of boiling, table salt is poured into it in a volume of two to five tablespoons to enhance the color. The lighter the tone, the less salt is needed and vice versa. The maximum amount is required for black. In this case, the product must be constantly moved in the dish with wooden tongs or a stick. Further boiling is carried out for half an hour.

Step 3

After the water has cooled, you can take out your shirt and rinse in several waters. The first time is warm, then it can be cool. When rinsing a silk shirt for the last time, it is advisable to add a little table vinegar to the water to fix the color. The best way to dry the painted item is by hanging it on a hanger to avoid stains and smudges.

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