How To Steam Knitted Items

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How To Steam Knitted Items
How To Steam Knitted Items

Video: How To Steam Knitted Items

Video: How To Steam Knitted Items
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Often, knitted things after washing and drying cause the owner to ask the question of how to make a dry and clean thing a neat look, because you cannot iron it with an iron, like a regular fabric product. In this case, it should simply be steamed, which is quite easy to do even for a person who rarely stands at the ironing board.

How to steam knitted items
How to steam knitted items

It is necessary

  • - iron,
  • - a piece of gauze fabric.


Step 1

To steam at home with an iron of the previous generation, that is, it does not have any other modes besides the mode of ironing itself (such irons are still preserved), set the iron heating sensor to the maximum temperature.

Step 2

Carefully lay out the knitted garment prepared for steaming on an ironing board or other flat surface (first place at least a four-fold blanket under the garment, if steaming will not be carried out on a special surface of the ironing board).

Step 3

Moisten abundantly with water and squeeze out a previously prepared piece of gauze cloth to a state of light moisture, through which steaming will be carried out.

Step 4

Place a piece of gauze over the knit.

Step 5

Take a heated iron in your hands and bring it as close to the surface of the gauze as possible without touching it. The distance from the sole of the iron to the gauze should be about 0.5-1 cm.

Step 6

Run the iron gently over the damp gauze surface. In this case, the water from the gauze will evaporate, and the threads of the product will take on a neat appearance.

Step 7

Use an iron with a steaming function. To do this, pour water into the special compartment of the iron, set the steaming mode and move the iron over the surface of the knitted garment.

Step 8

In particularly difficult cases, you can use the steam boost function, in which a strong jet of steam is supplied from the soleplate of the iron to the item you are steaming, which then takes on the appearance of a neat product.

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