How To Remove A Candle Stain

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How To Remove A Candle Stain
How To Remove A Candle Stain

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Burning candles are a beautiful decoration for a festive table or a romantic dinner. But one awkward movement, and the candle can fall on the tablecloth or even worse - on the clothes, and the wax will immediately be absorbed into the fabric, leaving a noticeable paraffin stain. But do not overshadow the fun, because it can be easily removed later.

How to remove a candle stain
How to remove a candle stain

It is necessary

  • Iron
  • Napkin
  • Piece of cotton cloth
  • Thing with a wax stain


Step 1

Place a piece of cotton cloth on the ironing board. This will protect the ironing board fabric from wax grease. Put a napkin on top in 2 layers. Spread the stained item on top with the wax spot down. Top with another napkin, and cover it all together with a cotton cloth.

Step 2

Preheat the iron to the maximum setting and iron the soiled item. As a result, the wax will melt and the napkins underneath will absorb it. For the best effect, change the napkins several times until all the wax is melted from the garment, leaving only a grease stain.

Step 3

After no wax remains on the item, wash it, removing the residual grease stain.

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