How To Dye Fur At Home

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How To Dye Fur At Home
How To Dye Fur At Home

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Sometimes it happens that a fur product can last many more years, retaining its warmth and beauty, but its color has become such that you can no longer afford to wear a fur coat or hat. Sometimes the fur fades, becomes stained, sheds, and sometimes its color simply bothers the owner. If the color of the fur coat does not satisfy you, this is not a reason to get rid of the thing. You can try changing the color of the fur yourself by dyeing it at home in the desired color.

How to dye fur at home
How to dye fur at home


Step 1

When choosing a dye for fur, buy only a shade that is darker than the one in which the fur of your item has already been dyed.

Step 2

If the fur is white or beige, it can be dyed in most of the available shades - red, red, brown and others. If the fur is dark, it can only be dyed in darker colors - dark brown, chestnut, black.

Step 3

It is possible to dye a fur product only in stainless steel barrels or in special plastic tanks, using tinting agents or oxidizing dyes. It is easiest to dye a fur coat with oxidizing dyes, as they are inexpensive and allow dyeing fur at lower temperatures, resulting in a beautiful shine.

Step 4

In order not to spoil the thing by painting, check on a small piece of fur how it reacts to the dye.

Step 5

If the fur is old, it may not withstand the operation. Dirty and soiled fur products are also poorly dyed - thoroughly clean the fur before painting. Prepare a solution from a liter of hot (35-38 degrees) water, dilute in it 20 g of salt, 2-3 g of ammonia 25%, and also add a gram of detergent or shampoo and a gram of baking soda. If more solution is required, increase the amount of ingredients in proportion to the increase in the amount of water. For two liters, take twice as many ingredients, for three liters - three times as much. With the resulting solution, stain the skin until it is ready for painting.

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