How To Remove A Grease Stain

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How To Remove A Grease Stain
How To Remove A Grease Stain

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In order to avoid the question of how to get rid of the grease stain, one could give a universal recommendation to get less dirty. However, even the most tidy people are not immune from stains, and even in families with small children, stains on clothes are simply indispensable. Even old stains can be removed from clothes, but it is best to deal with them fresh.

How to remove a grease stain
How to remove a grease stain

It is necessary

detergents, soap, ammonia, salt, talc, blotting paper or napkins, iron


Step 1

If the stain has just been planted, act urgently. Baking soda and talc can be distinguished among the means to combat grease stains at hand. Salt is poured on top of the stain and absorbs the fat; as it soaks, the salt must be changed. If you sprinkle the stain with baby powder or talcum powder, and iron it on top with a hot iron through a blotter, then you can get rid of the stain completely.

Step 2

Greasy spots are more difficult to deal with. Most often this is the problem of collars on jackets and coats, that is, on those things that are dry cleaned. Such grease stains are washed off with a solution of ammonia and salt. 5 grams of salt is diluted in 25 grams of ammonia. In this composition, a cotton sponge is moistened, with which the collar is wiped.

Step 3

In search of a solution to how to remove a greasy stain, you can also use household chemicals. There are special types of soap on sale, united by the general term "Antipyatin". Sometimes these products allow you to remove not only fresh, but also old stains. Also, many manufacturers of washing powders and special stain removers promise one hundred percent result. However, practice shows that stains of different compositions react to detergents in their own way, therefore it is simply impossible to name a universal method for removing grease stains.

Step 4

If there is no such soap at hand, you can mix ordinary toilet soap without dyes and fragrances with gasoline. The product must be moistened with this composition and put aside for some time. As the soap dries, the item must be washed in warm water.

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