How To Wash A Down Jacket Streak-free

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How To Wash A Down Jacket Streak-free
How To Wash A Down Jacket Streak-free

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On down jackets and jackets with a high content of filler, after washing the product, streaks remain. Most often, their formation is associated with the quality of the washing powder, the washing and rinsing process itself, as well as with the drying of the product. It is very easy to avoid the formation of streaks after washing, you just have to follow simple rules.

How to wash a down jacket streak-free
How to wash a down jacket streak-free


Step 1

Pour warm water into a deep container (basin, bath) and add powder. Better to use a liquid product, it rinses off the down jacket more easily. If you are using dry powder, dissolve it thoroughly.

Step 2

Soak the item in water for a while. If you wash your down jacket in a washing machine, be sure to add some tennis balls, they will prevent the down from caking and help improve the quality of the wash.

Step 3

Rinse the down jacket thoroughly in clean water until you notice almost no foam. Add an extra rinse when washing in a machine.

Step 4

Be sure to use fabric softener, it will remove powder residues and give the down product a soft and pleasant scent that will last for a long time. Also, the use of fabric softener makes ironing the material easier.

Step 5

Thoroughly squeeze the water out of the down jacket and shake it. Then hang it on a hanger to dry. Shake the fluff as it dries, this will help to evenly dry the inner padding and insure you against the appearance of streaks on the down jacket.

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