How To Check Silver

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How To Check Silver
How To Check Silver

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It is possible to check silver at home using improvised means. But such tests will not be able to give one hundred percent guarantee. You can check silver for authenticity and be sure of the result only with the use of chemicals.

How to check silver
How to check silver

It is necessary

  • - protective gloves;
  • - metal file;
  • - set for a test to determine the authenticity of silver


Step 1

Prepare the place where the test will be carried out, lay the surface of the table so as not to accidentally damage it. Be sure to wear gloves. Strong acids will be used to test the silver for authenticity, which can damage the skin of the hands.

Step 2

The product can be either silver or fake or silver plated. In order to determine whether the jewelry is not silver plated, you need to open the backing. To do this, find an inconspicuous place and carefully make small but deep enough scratches with the file.

Step 3

If you are afraid of damaging the product, you can use a touchstone. It is enough just to rub a piece of silver on a stone. As a result, a sediment with a length of at least 2 cm should form on the stone.

Step 4

The acid for the test is applied only to the area of ​​the product where the scratch was previously made. If you drop acid on another part of the product, then the silver will simply sparkle more in this area. On the assay stone, acid is applied to the trace of the jewelry.

Step 5

It remains only to evaluate the result. As a rule, the kit contains a special scale for summing up the results of the study. Lean firmly on it. If there is no scale, then you can use the following data. A bright red or scarlet color during the reaction indicates that you have real pure silver in your hands. If a dark red color appears during the reaction, this indicates that the product is made of so-called 925 sterling silver. The brown color indicates that the product is 80% silver. The reaction resulting in a green color indicates a product with a fineness of 500.

Step 6

If, as a result, the reagent on the product acquired a yellow color, then not silver was used for its manufacture, but lead or tin. If dark brown, then it is brass. Well, if the reagent acquired a blue tint, then nickel was used to create the decoration.

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