How To Choose Chain Earrings

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How To Choose Chain Earrings
How To Choose Chain Earrings

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The chain earrings are very elegant, but at the same time there is something playful about them - they are dynamic and thus attract everyone's attention. This design of earrings will suit ladies of different ages - both young girls and older women.

How to choose chain earrings
How to choose chain earrings

How to wear chain earrings

Chain earrings are often decorated with an abundance of stones, then they are combined with festive outfits. And simple chain earrings can even be worn with a plaid shirt, you get a very attractive youth style.

Many people think that chain earrings are in harmony exclusively with dresses, but the current fashion allows deviations from the stylistic rules, so that they can be safely combined with casual outfits.

Choosing inlay and metal

Before choosing such earrings, first decide on the metal, as well as the presence of stones - festive earrings are richly decorated with stones, everyday models allow for laconic inlay.

Chain earrings made of gold. This is an option for ladies who love luxury. Gold glitters beautifully, the dynamism of the model allows you to demonstrate this glitter even more vividly.

Silver chain earrings. Such models look more modest, but if they are encrusted with original colored stones, they will look much more interesting.

Chain earrings with pearls. These jewelry looks elegant, feminine and romantic. If there is a large pearl at the end of the chain, the earring will certainly attract everyone's attention. Such earrings cannot be attributed to the classics, because here the chain is attached like a stud, and does not stretch through the earlobe.

Chain earrings with diamonds. Of course, this is a decoration option for an evening out. But if the stones are located only in the area of ​​the clasp, then such earrings are suitable for everyday wear.

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