How Not To Miscalculate When Buying Gold Jewelry

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How Not To Miscalculate When Buying Gold Jewelry
How Not To Miscalculate When Buying Gold Jewelry

Video: How Not To Miscalculate When Buying Gold Jewelry

Video: How Not To Miscalculate When Buying Gold Jewelry
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Most people don't like shopping because they are afraid to make mistakes. For many, going to a jewelry boutique is like hard labor and torture. To reduce the level of reluctance to visit such stores, I wrote some tips on "how to choose gold jewelry."

Rutile quartz gold ring
Rutile quartz gold ring


Step 1

Knowledge is power

Before you go to a jewelry store, you simply have to navigate the pricing policy for the precious metal.

Step 2

Where and how to find out the current gold price?

All ingenious is simple! Look into any pawnshop. Among the variety of jewelry, pay attention to wedding rings. As a rule, they are monolithic, without stones and 585 samples.

Divide the price by the number of grams in this ring, and having received the price per gram of gold, add 45 - 50%. Thus, you will find out the store price of gold in new jewelry and without stones. The resulting price tag will not please you, but at least you will know the price ceiling above which it is impractical to pay. Especially for the simplest items.

Step 3

When you came to the jewelry store

Read the tags carefully. What is the gold, what is the standard, what stones. Everything must match. The seller should calmly and without hesitation tell about everything. It is better for him to answer the questions that you yourself ask him.

Step 4

Pay attention to workmanship

Non-manual work (casting) is immediately noticeable. Such a product looks clumsy. As a rule, such jewelry is rhodium-plated to hide defects in small parts and poor-quality finish polish.

If the decoration itself is well done, look for an even layer of rhodium. There are often gaps (bald spots) inside the tires of the rings, where rhodium was not available. The product itself, made by a coated casting method, does not have to be expensive. Unless it is inlaid with natural stone. Due to the stone, the price can vary greatly. In this case, you cannot do without knowledge in the field of precious and semi-precious stones.

If the jewelry contains inserts positioned by the seller as natural, this should be displayed on the tag. It is desirable that it be written there, for example: "Natural amethyst". If the tag simply says "gold ring with amethyst", then you should ask the seller about the origin of the stone. It can easily be synthetic as well as natural. It's all about the legislation, which is used to disguise the origin of stones with a play on words.

In this case, the client is very at risk. However, knowledge, patience, and the right questions can reduce the chance of a bad purchase.

Step 5

Be sure to also check the stones for chips and defects that can be carefully hidden in the setting. 30x magnifier to help you. Do not hesitate - check it out. So that later you do not have to blush at home in front of the person dear to you, to whom you made a gift. Be alert and not fussy.