How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls

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How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls
How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls

Video: How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls

Video: How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls
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Jewelers have created many beautiful jewelry, but creations with natural pearls occupy a special place. At the same time, elegant and simple stones are in demand among women of all ages and social statuses. At the same time, the question often arises of how to wear pearls.

How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls
How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls

Delicate pearls do not need processing; such jewelry is always a classic in style. Accessories can be combined with almost any outfit, from evening to business. However, jewelry, according to legends, is contraindicated for unmarried women.

By age and color type

Modern ladies are skeptical about such a sign. Moreover, the same superstitions claim that it is pearls that are capable of attracting a couple to the wearer, giving her good luck in love.

Girls willingly wear mother-of-pearl accessories, wishing to find happiness in love. However, in order to preserve the elegance of the image, you should listen to stylists.

A thin pearl thread or earrings with a small amount of pearls will suit young ladies. The abundance of stones is not for the young. Necklaces made of large beads or several rows of mother-of-pearl are appropriate for women of a more mature age.

How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls
How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls

The pink shade of the mineral perfectly coexists with pale skin, golden stones look perfect with swarthy ones. White, cream and beige shades are universal: they suit all color types. It is better to wear accessories in pairs.

By style

For a harmonious combination with mother-of-pearl, it is important to choose clothes correctly:

  • A medium or short length of thread is best combined with a casual look.
  • Pearls look especially impressive on a dark suit or dress. In this case, there should be no sequins on the clothes.
  • Accessories go well with chiffon.
  • Pink or white pearl colors are recommended for brides.

Their selection rules are developed for each style. So, a string of white pearls will perfectly complement the strict office and business style. White classic blouse, blue and black suit look good. They wear short beads under the collar, on the body, or over a shirt.

It is allowed to wear a gem with plain lace tops and jeans. Both T-shirts and classic-cut shirts are allowed in casual style. Shoes without a heel or ballet flats will complete the harmonious look. Rhinestones and sequins are unacceptable on clothes. Combination of several threads of dark and light colors is allowed.

From the evening options, the ideal one is a little black dress with pearl thread in several rows. Silk or velvet dresses with mother-of-pearl are also good.

How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls
How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls

By lenght

There are also rules for choosing the length of one of the most popular jewelry. The length of 38-42 cm is recognized as universal. The accessory is worn with strapless clothes and with a V-neck.

The length is classic - from 43 to 48 cm. Such beads are ideal with a turtleneck, and with a blouse, and with an evening dress.

A length of 50-60 cm is suitable for a business style. Small beads for such jewelry are selected, up to 1 cm. The accessory is appropriate in the office and for business events at work.

Stylists call beads from 85 to 95 cm the standard of elegance. They are in perfect harmony with any weekend and evening dress, and are suitable for going to the theater and going to a restaurant. In other situations, both the original knot and the double thread folding are allowed.

How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls
How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls

A universal option for experiments is beads from 120 to 150 cm. They are worn in full length, in several folds, and in knots.

Despite the versatility of the mineral, mother of pearl is not recommended to be worn with:

  • very bright dresses in red or yellow tones;
  • blouses with a round collar;
  • a wardrobe in pastel colors;
  • clothes decorated with rhinestones and sequins;
  • outfits with flounces;
  • sports items;
  • knitted sweaters;
  • variegated outfits of sharply contrasting colors.

It is generally accepted that pearls do not favor "neighbors". An exception is the mother-of-pearl frame made of platinum, silver or gold. The most harmonious option is gold, which especially effectively sets off the tenderness of gems.

How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls
How To Wear Jewelry With Pearls

Silver frames are matched to black pearls. Platinum is suitable for the rarest shades of especially large expensive beads. If you cannot do without other accessories, then the best option would be small earrings or gold rings without stones.