How To Hide The Sides

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How To Hide The Sides
How To Hide The Sides

Video: How To Hide The Sides

Video: How To Hide The Sides
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Any lack of a female figure causes a very unpleasant feeling of moral discomfort in its owner. Excess body fat on the sides is one of the most common problems. But it can be solved if you learn how to choose the right outfit.

How to hide the sides
How to hide the sides


Step 1

Wear shape-shaping underwear. Many people think that walking in it is uncomfortable. But in reality, if the products are of good quality, they should not give the slightest feeling of discomfort. Body-shaping underwear has the following advantages: - hides excess fat at the waist and other parts of the body;

- absorbs moisture;

- stimulates blood flow to the skin surface;

- protects against all kinds of bacteria and microbes;

- prevents the penetration of gynecological infections into the body;

- returns elasticity and smoothness to the skin;

- promotes the burning of fatty deposits under the skin;

- prevents the formation of fat;

- helps to slow down skin aging.

Step 2

You can hide the sides with the right clothes. To this end, try to wear multi-colored products made of dense, loose fabric. The top should not be tucked into a skirt or trousers. If necessary, wear a skirt with a drop hip line. A wide belt or belt also visually slims the figure.

Step 3

Try using certain styles of clothing, necklines, and embellishments to divert attention away from the sides to your neck or chest. In addition, you can wear a-line blouses, dresses and tunics.

Step 4

It is possible to hide the sides even if you wear a swimsuit. It should be solid and have vertical or asymmetrical dark inserts or a row of buttons on the sides. Visually similar details slim the figure. No less effective is such a camouflage technique as the use of multi-colored fabrics when sewing a swimsuit. And with the help of a certain way selected lines and contours of the picture, you can give the figure a slightly different look.

Step 5

It is always possible to hide the sides, whatever they may be. To do this, you should learn how to choose the right clothes and accessories, using them to distract attention to other parts of the body.