How To Shop

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How To Shop
How To Shop

Video: How To Shop

Video: How To Shop
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Some people think that shopping is possible without rules. However, improper shopping is fraught with spoiled nerves, the acquisition of useless things and the waste of extra money. There is no need to make mistakes, it is better to learn from the mistakes of others.

How to shop
How to shop


Step 1

First of all, stock up on money well in advance. As the sleigh must be prepared in the summer, so the finances must gradually accumulate in order to buy the necessary things on time. This is recommended so that the salary does not suffer from a sudden desire to spend all of it on new things. And when the time comes to make purchases, take this accumulated amount of money with you. And never take credit or debit cards with you.

Step 2

Plan your shopping list ahead of time. For example, if you need to update your wardrobe, then carefully consider what clothes you need to buy first, and what else can wait. It is possible that some accessories or suitable shoes are missing for basic things. Write everything down on paper and set yourself up in advance that you will not deviate from this list either to the right or to the left. At the same time, decide on the quality of things. That is, decide what quality suits you, so as not to be scattered over other offers.

Step 3

Now outline which trade pavilions you will visit. The fact is that now many stores have official sites with a constantly updated assortment of goods. If you choose everything you need in advance, it will save you from wasting time and wasting time walking around all the shopping centers. Shop online or schedule a visit. Prepare discount cards with discounts and bonuses before you go shopping. If they are not yet available, then ask your friends, girlfriends or just acquaintances. Do not hesitate to bargain in the market, as sellers offer discounts in most cases.

Step 4

Choose the right shopping time to save time and money. Firstly, this is the period when seasonal discounts and sales are in effect. For example, winter clothes are sold relatively inexpensively in summer, autumn and spring. The same goes for summer and demi-season wardrobe items. The most successful day of the week for shopping is a weekday when there are few people in the sales area. Accordingly, sellers are not so tired and by all means pay more attention to buyers. The best time of the day for shopping is in the morning. This is the beginning of the day when you can do a lot with fresh energy.

Step 5

Never go shopping with friends or acquaintances. In this case, unnecessary purchases will be guaranteed. Because the temptation is great to buy something for the company or on the advice. In fact, if you need good advice, ask one best friend or friend who will be willing to donate their time. The most important thing is that they do not at the same time choose goods for themselves, but completely devote themselves to helping a friend on this day.

Step 6

Because our ideas are often at odds with reality, buy a thing only after you have carefully tried it on in the fitting room. And in your mind, immediately compare with the clothes that are already in the wardrobe: will it be combined with this or that garment. Otherwise, there is a high probability of acquiring a beautiful "rag" that will lie in the closet for a long time, waiting for a harmonious couple.

Step 7

Save all labels and receipts from every purchase. When buying equipment, also do not forget to take the warranty card and the technical passport of the product. Check the quality of the goods on site for any damage or permanent stains. If there are any doubts, then step away from the product and think. But first, ask the seller to put the item aside for an hour or two. During this time, you can walk through other rooms to compare prices and make an informed decision. Yes, and be sure to save some money for a small, unplanned purchase to please yourself. Enjoy the shopping!