Why Does The Face Peel Off

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Why Does The Face Peel Off
Why Does The Face Peel Off

Peeling skin is an unpleasant and ugly problem. It cannot be masked with foundation or powder: after using them, the situation visually only worsens. To get rid of an unpleasant defect, you should determine why the face is peeling.

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Peeling of the face can be caused by both external and internal causes. One of the main dermatologists is the regular lack of certain vitamins. You can cope with this in two ways: by starting to take vitamin and mineral complexes or by changing your diet.

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Mainly peeling of the skin of the face provokes a lack of vitamins B, A, F, E. The first (B) is easy to replenish by including brown rice, fish, dairy products in the diet. Vitamin A will be "delivered" to the body by carrots (should be consumed with vegetable / olive oil), beef liver, and apricots. F is found in grains, black currants, corn. Nuts and potatoes are rich in vitamin E. Flaking is not the only symptom of vitamin deficiency, however. If nothing else bothers you, your skin problems are most likely due to other causes.

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Lack of moisture in the body can lead to flaking of the face. In order to avoid problems with the skin and figure, consume at least 1.5 liters of clean water a day. This volume does not include coffee, teas, juices, soft drinks, etc.

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The face may flake off due to improper use of cosmetics. For example, due to the use of deep moisturizers before going outside in the cold. Problems can also be the result of poor cleaning or using regular soap for this purpose. Every evening, be sure to wash off your makeup using only the products intended for this. Also, for sensitive and dry skin, stop using preparations containing alcohol.

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Peeling can occur due to aggressive mechanical impact. Peeling / scrubbing is often the main culprit. The product you have chosen may not be right for your skin or has too large particles. The frequency of use also plays an important role: it is recommended to remove dead particles no more than 2 times a week.

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The sun can also cause flaky skin on your face. For example, if you get burned, the injured epidermis will gradually flake off - die off. To avoid this situation, be sure to use protective equipment. The higher the filter, the more likely it is to avoid flaking.

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Peeling of the face can be a reaction to stress, lack of sleep, and poor ecology. If so, reconsider your habits. For example, stop working late and try to avoid stressful situations. Also include in your diet foods rich in antioxidants (green tea, grapes, etc.) and cosmetics containing them.