How To Tie Socks

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How To Tie Socks
How To Tie Socks

Video: How To Tie Socks

Video: How To Tie Socks
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Knitting is not only the privilege of our grandmothers, but also an exciting and useful hobby that is capturing more and more fans among modern women and girls. In this article we will tell you how to knit socks on your own.

How to tie socks
How to tie socks

It is necessary

  • - yarn
  • - five stocking needles


Step 1

Take a centimeter and measure your ankle. Find out how many loops you need to start knitting - multiply the resulting volume in centimeters by the knitting density. You can also see the number of loops in the finished sock knitting pattern.

Step 2

Round the number of stitches to an even number so that an even number of stitches can be distributed to each knitting needle.

Step 3

Cast on the required number of loops on 2 knitting needles, and then knit the first row with a dense elastic band. In the process of knitting the first row, distribute the loops over the remaining knitting needles so that in the end there are knitted loops on all four knitting needles. To avoid confusion, mark the loops of the very first knitting needle with colored thread. Close the linked row in a circle by tying the threads.

Step 4

Continue knitting with the elastic band clockwise in a circle. Knit 5 cm of linen, and instead of elastic, start stocking knitting. Tie another 5 cm - stop at the ankle area. From this point, the heel will form.

Step 5

Work with only one part of the knitting - on the third and fourth knitting needles, knit a small piece of fabric that will become the heel. Determine the height of this blade by the number of loops on the first knitting needle.

Step 6

Decrease the loops inside the future heel so that it takes on the desired shape. Decrease the stitches in the first and second rows, and then, when the heel is tied, move on to knitting a sock. Cast on more loops with the knitting needle on which the middle part of the loops is located, from the hem loops of the heel.

Step 7

Knit ten loops on the first knitting needle, then another ten loops on the second knitting needle. Then, with a separate knitting needle from the edge of knitting, dial new loops and knit exactly half of the loops of the middle part.

Step 8

If everything is done correctly, there will be more loops on the 3 and 4 knitting needles than by 1 and 2. To decrease the loops on the toes, knit 2 purl loops through a row at the end of each knitting needle. At the very end, the threads are cut off, pulled together, tied and hidden the tip with a crochet hook.