How To Sew A Sundress For The Office

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How To Sew A Sundress For The Office
How To Sew A Sundress For The Office

Video: How To Sew A Sundress For The Office

Video: How To Sew A Sundress For The Office
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We spend most of our lives at work. And the quite understandable desire of a woman is the need to look stylish, beautiful and well-groomed not only with friends, at a party, but also in the area where we communicate every day, conduct business negotiations, discuss gossip and, in the end, provide ourselves with financial stability. so necessary in modern life. Not always in shopping centers among the endless variety of clothes, we find ourselves suitable and appropriate for work. However, it is quite possible to sew a sundress for the office at home.

How to sew a sundress for the office
How to sew a sundress for the office

It is necessary

  • - material for sewing
  • - tape measure
  • - scissors
  • - needles
  • - threads
  • - sewing machine


Step 1

Decide how long the dress of your chosen style will be. Please note that short mini sundresses for the office will be inappropriate. The ideal sundress for the office is the one whose length reaches the knees or slightly below. The color of the fabric is desirable in calm, sustained tones, no flashy and iridescent shades. Shiny materials with a lot of sequins are also best left for sewing festive outfits. Lightweight chiffon and silk fabrics are not suitable for a strictly office style. Combinations of white, black and gray look good. Calm warm or seasoned cold tones are also very beneficial for business-style sundresses. Avoid complex patterns and fanciful decorative prints, they will distract from work not only you, but also the team, which is clearly not to the liking of the bosses.

Step 2

Take the necessary measurements: product length, chest and hips. If you are not a skilled seamstress, use the advice of cutting and sewing magazines, each of them contains the patterns of the models indicated in the announcement. In addition, depending on whether this sundress will be with straps or with a round neck, additional measurements may need to be made.

Step 3

Transfer the finished paper patterns to the fabric, taking into account the measurements you made earlier. Remember to leave seam allowances. Use a chalk to apply the pattern to the fabric, later, it can be easily erased without leaving unpleasant stains on the material.

Step 4

Carefully cut the cut with scissors and sweep away the finished sketches. Take your time, otherwise an unnecessarily cut part can ruin your work and you will need to start all over again. Try it on. If the work done suits you, proceed to the final stage.

Step 5

Sew all seams with the sewing machine, also sewing allowances. Gently iron the dress from the inside out, paying more attention to the seams. Your office sundress is ready.