How To Attach A Veil

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How To Attach A Veil
How To Attach A Veil

Perhaps the most delicate and touching element of the bride's image is the veil. This particular accessory can be called a symbol of purity and romance. In addition, a lot of wedding signs and traditions are associated with the veil. And if some time ago brides gave preference to various hats, tiaras and jewelry, today the veil is again at the height of fashion.

How to attach a veil
How to attach a veil


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You can attach a veil to your hair in a variety of ways. The most popular is the fastening of the veil to the hairpins. To many, this method seems unreliable, but it is not at all true. An experienced craftsman will help you fix the veil with hairpins so that she will not be afraid of gusts of wind and at the same time, the hairpins will remain completely invisible to others. The disadvantages of this method include a certain difficulty in removing the veil.

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Another mounting option is with a special comb or hair clip. As a rule, they also serve as an additional decoration for your wedding look. The scallop can either be attached directly to the veil or sold separately. By attaching the veil to a scallop or hairpin, you can easily remove it at any time. But remember that this method of fastening should not be used if the wedding is scheduled for autumn or winter, when there is a possibility of gusts of wind and other vagaries of the weather.

Step 3

If the program of wedding events involves the frequent removal and putting on of the veil, pay attention to the special Velcro for fastening it. This option is the least reliable, but it will allow you to change the image without damaging your hairstyle.

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Remember that it is not so important how you attach the veil, the main thing is that it harmonizes with the rest of your image, complements it and makes it even more sophisticated and romantic.