How To Sew A Wedding Coat

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How To Sew A Wedding Coat
How To Sew A Wedding Coat

Video: How To Sew A Wedding Coat

Video: How To Sew A Wedding Coat
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If the wedding day is scheduled for winter time, you just need to make sure that the bride is warm. A wedding coat can help with this. It will decorate a snow-white dress and perfectly protect from the cold. Can you do it yourself?

How to sew a wedding coat
How to sew a wedding coat


Step 1

Think about which fur coat best suits your chosen dress. Traditionally, this is a white cape made of faux or natural fur. You can order it at the bridal salon, but you can also sew it yourself. The color of the product does not have to be white. Light gray and even beige will complement a snow-white dress nicely.

Step 2

Find the material you need. First of all, choose the fur. For an inexpensive fur coat, rabbit or fake fur is suitable. You will also need threads, sewing machine needles # 80-100, a tape measure, buttons of the desired color, scissors, a ruler, chalk or dry laundry soap, a thimble. Also consider what you will be making the lining with.

Step 3

Take measurements of the bride-to-be. You will need to know the girth of the chest, shoulder length, arm length, the total length of the product.

Step 4

Make a pattern and transfer it to the fur using tracing paper. To draw up a pattern, you can contact the studio. Fur is not a material for a novice seamstress, and it is better not to take risks.

Step 5

Cut the fur, taking into account the direction of the pile. It is only necessary to cut the fur on the seamy side; in this case, only the base itself can be cut, the fur cannot be touched. After cutting, brush over the seams with a small brush to remove the fluff.

Step 6

Sew the product, then sew the lining. It is best to use a "butt seam", sewing the sections with a zigzag stitch. Next, sew on the buttons, make and process the buttonholes.

Step 7

Try on the resulting fur coat. It is better to immediately measure it on a dress to see how they will look together. The cost of a hand-made product will be much less than that purchased in the salon, and it may look even better. Of course, sewing with your own hands will take a lot of time and effort, but you will see that the result was worth it.