How To Dress For A Ski Resort

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How To Dress For A Ski Resort
How To Dress For A Ski Resort

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For a pleasant and comfortable stay at the ski resort, you need a warm and comfortable suit appropriate for the weather. Moreover, such an outfit should correspond to the maximum indicators of safety and protection of your health. Correctly selected clothing guarantees a good mood and maximum riding pleasure.

How to dress for a ski resort
How to dress for a ski resort


Step 1

Choose a ski suit in specialized sportswear stores. You should not make such a suit from household items. Otherwise, there is a chance of catching a cold due to the appearance of sweat and its cooling.

Step 2

It is advisable to select a fleece fabric that helps to retain heat and water permeability. Fleece - smooth, easily glides when dropped. Such clothes should not hinder your sudden movements, be comfortable in any position of the arms and legs. It doesn't matter what style of clothing you prefer - a jumpsuit or a split suit, the main thing is the low moisture capacity.

Step 3

Pay attention to the stitched parts with a special protective layer against the passage of moisture, check the zippers against jamming when choosing a suit. Carefully inspect the areas that are damaged by falling. This is usually the elbow and knee area.

Step 4

Pay attention to the selection of underwear for skating. The yield of moisture largely depends on it. Purchase a form-fitting thermal underwear. It is warm, but not hot. And it is not felt on the body, does not hinder movements.

Step 5

Choose ski boots strictly in accordance with the size of the foot, that is, tight-fitting, but not crushing. Try to climb onto the toe, if the heel does not move away from the insole, then you are wearing what you need. For reliability and safety, choose boots with metal fasteners. Unlike plastic ones, the threat of breakage is less likely. Don't forget about tight-fitting socks. The thinner the fabric, the better the throughput. The length of the socks should be a couple of centimeters higher than the boots themselves.

Step 6

Get special gloves for skiing. This not only protects the delicate skin of the hands from cold and getting wet, but also from impact when falling. Some models have special protection for the hand, wrist and fingers.

Step 7

An important accessory to a stylish ski suit is considered to be glasses, best of all with a mirrored case. Be sure to buy them! This is additional protection from exposure to the bright sun and its glare on the snow.

Step 8

Don't skimp on your purchase. The price point for a good full ski suit complete with boots, goggles and gloves is around $ 700-900. The price is not small, but do not forget that this is the price for your safety.

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