How To Enlarge Your Hips

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How To Enlarge Your Hips
How To Enlarge Your Hips

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The hips are the triceps of the leg, and they form the bulk of the legs. Hip enlargement is achieved through basic barbell exercises combined with finishing exercises that literally finish off these muscles. In everyday life, the hips are involved, albeit a little, therefore, when pumping the hips, an explosive tactic is needed - working out with large weights, followed by completion with moderate exercises.

How to enlarge your hips
How to enlarge your hips

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Step 1

Squat with a barbell. Adjust the weight that is optimal for you to start and choose the weight with which you will need to end your workout. Use a gap that's small enough to gradually build in pace and weight. Squat only with a straight back and an upward gaze. Be sure to use a safety harness to avoid back injury.

Step 2

The leg press machine is the perfect tool for working on hip weights. It can be either a complementary method or an alternative to squats. Use it if squats are too difficult or too dangerous for you. Use the same principle of increasing the working weight that you use when squatting, considering that working on this machine is easier than squatting, accordingly, your working and peak weights will be higher.

Step 3

Finish your thigh triceps with leg extensions. Try to hold your legs in a straight position for a second in each repetition, use hand restraints. You can use the force of the back, the most important thing is that the lifting and lowering of the weight is even, without sudden jerks. The simulator is easier than squatting, respectively, your working and peak weights will be higher.

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