How To Grow Buttocks

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How To Grow Buttocks
How To Grow Buttocks

Video: How To Grow Buttocks

Video: How To Grow Buttocks
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The ideal figure is the dream of many women, regardless of age. But while some are trying with all their might to get rid of extra pounds and reduce body volume, others, on the contrary, are trying to enlarge the buttocks and make them elastic. To grow the buttocks in a natural way, without resorting to surgical interventions and artificial pads, there are several special techniques.

How to grow buttocks
How to grow buttocks


Step 1

You can improve the appearance of your buttocks by exercising regularly. Exercise 3-4 times a week to train your body to burn the calories consumed during the day. During training, most of the time should be devoted to problem areas, namely the gluteal muscles, the rest of the time should be devoted to cardio loads and other favorite sports.

Step 2

Do squats at home or at the gym. Try to do them correctly: put your feet shoulder-width apart and when you squat, your hips should be parallel to the floor, while making sure that the back of the body sticks out a little. Keep your back straight and the weight on your heels. Do the exercise 15-20 times for 2-3 sets.

Step 3

To work out the lower part of the buttocks, you should lie on your back and put your hands along the body. Next, lift your legs up, bending them at the knees at a right angle. Feet should be perpendicular to the floor. Then slowly release one leg until you touch the floor, return to the starting position. Alternating your legs, repeat the exercise until you feel tired.

Step 4

Monitor your diet and diet. You should limit your intake of simple carbohydrates. The unused sugar that the body gets from sweets, lemonades and white bread is quickly converted into fat, which is deposited on the hips, waist, buttocks and other places, which greatly spoils your figure.

Step 5

Replace simple carbohydrates with complex ones, such as whole grains and durum wheat. Complex carbohydrates are more satisfying, convert to fat more slowly, and supply the muscles with the necessary amount of energy for training in the gym.

Step 6

Eat more protein-rich foods. These include: lean beef, salmon, egg, and chicken. Protein will help strengthen and grow muscles if damaged during training. Plus, eating enough protein will help you achieve your desired buttock size and shape.

Step 7

On days when you are not doing exercises to improve the shape of the buttocks, do other activities: jogging or dancing. This will help consolidate the achieved result.