How To Style Your Hair Extensions

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How To Style Your Hair Extensions
How To Style Your Hair Extensions

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Short and thin hair is no longer a problem for wearers. Nowadays, in almost any hairdressing salon, you can extend hair that will look natural and add fluffiness and density to your hairstyle. But so that not your own hair really looks beautiful, you need to take care of it and properly style it.

How to style your hair extensions
How to style your hair extensions

It is necessary

  • -hair dryer;
  • -shampoo;
  • - varnish or foam;
  • -invisible;
  • -pins.


Step 1

Make sure your hair is clean and tangle-free before styling. When you wash your hair extensions, do not keep various shampoos, conditioners and masks on them for long. Do not tilt your head forward. Wash it in the direction of hair growth to avoid tangling.

Step 2

Do not make sudden movements while brushing. Use a wide-toothed comb. Hold the strands and start at the ends, gradually combing through all the hair. Avoid intensive drying of the strands. If you have manageable hair, and you are not in a hurry, let it be better to dry it out on its own. If you washed your hair before going to bed, it is better not to braid your hair tightly or tie it in a ponytail, but do not go to bed with wet curls.

Step 3

Having decided to do styling on extended hair, remember that now the seemingly standard procedures (drying with a hairdryer, curling, straightening with an iron, dyeing, etc.) can have a bad effect on their condition. If you can, ask your hairdresser for help. It is advisable that this was exactly the master who extended your hair, since he knows the features of the material.

Step 4

High temperatures are the main enemy of hair extensions. Never touch the hair attachment point with tongs, hairdryer or curlers. Therefore, use these styling items as little as possible, or then use special nourishing cosmetics for hair extensions. Choose pH neutral cosmetics for styling.

Step 5

Hair extensions give you a wide range of styling options. After all, now you have long hair that can be braided in different ways, pinned with hairpins and invisible hairpins, make high styling or curl into curls. The only thing that should not be allowed is that the attachment points are noticeable when laying. Just experiment with your hairstyle at home a few times, so that later you will create a flawless look for the exit.

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