Gentle Skin Cleansers: Hydrophilic Oil

Gentle Skin Cleansers: Hydrophilic Oil
Gentle Skin Cleansers: Hydrophilic Oil

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There are many cosmetic preparations designed to cleanse the skin. One of the modern remedies is hydrophilic oil. It was thanks to him that such a procedure as Japanese washing became available to Russian women.

Gentle Skin Cleansers: Hydrophilic Oil
Gentle Skin Cleansers: Hydrophilic Oil

Hydrophilic oil is a gentle facial cleanser. It is made on the basis of various oils and an emulsifier. Products based on apricot kernel oil, almond and jojoba oil are universal. Therefore, they are suitable for normal skin. Hydrophilic oil made with avocado, shea butter and wheat germ oils for dry skin. And for oily skin, a product made from grape seed oil, hazelnut, rice bran, sasanqua is suitable.

Hydrophilic oil works well with any kind of dirt and decorative cosmetics, including waterproof ones.

More recently, BB creams have appeared on the market. Their manufacturers recommend using a hydrophilic oil to remove the cream from the face. Upon contact with water, the oil turns into the most delicate milk with good cleansing properties.

The Japanese type of face wash with hydrophilic oil refers to deep cleansing of the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out the procedure no more than 2-3 times a week.

The hydrophilic oil is suitable for all skin types. Owners of oily and combination skin are hesitant to use oil for cleansing. And completely in vain! After all, the product is akin to the skin: it penetrates deeply into the pores and gently cleanses them, and then rinses off as a light and non-greasy emulsion. The oil does not grease or dry out the skin. Due to its water-soluble properties, the oil does not clog pores and does not provoke inflammation. Another amazing property of the oil is the preservation of the skin's moisture balance, which is very important for the beauty and healthy glow of the face.

Hydrophilic oil composition: 85-90% oils and 10% -15% emulsifier.

With the advent of hydrophilic oil on the shelves of cosmetic stores, a procedure such as Japanese washing has become available. It consists of two stages: cleansing with hydrophilic oil and washing with a thick foam. First, apply the oil to your skin with a cotton pad. Then apply the oil massage along the appropriate lines. Continue the massage with your fingertips slightly dampened with water. And then remove the emulsion from the skin with warm water. For the second step of washing, you will need a cleansing foam. Squeeze a large ball into your hand and apply it to your face. Spread the foam gently over the surface and then rinse. The foam does not stretch the skin, but glides over it gently. Washing with hydrophilic oil is very gentle and effective, so it is suitable even for sensitive skin.

The result of a Japanese wash is simply stunning. Almost immediately after it, the skin acquires a matte shade, becomes silky, elastic and smooth. Enlarged pores become clean and narrowed. Post-acne becomes less noticeable. It is recommended to use creams, serums and gels after washing. The active components of these products penetrate better into the deep layers of the skin, saturating it with nutrients. Remember that the skin becomes susceptible to irritants after washing. Therefore, you should not go outside in the near future.

As noted by users of the hydrophilic oil, its regular use promotes the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. The oil can clean not only the skin of the face, but also the skin of the body.

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