How Fast Eyebrows Grow

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How Fast Eyebrows Grow
How Fast Eyebrows Grow

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Today, maximum naturalness and naturalness are in fashion both in makeup and clothes, and in appearance given by nature. Thick, soft and wide eyebrows became an indicator of style, so women were interested in the question “how fast do they grow?”.

How fast eyebrows grow
How fast eyebrows grow

Eyebrow regrowth time

Usually, eyebrows begin to grow after plucking after four to five days, depending on the genotype. On average, during this time they grow by 1 millimeter (faster in summer and slower in winter), however, not all women are happy owners of beautiful thick eyebrows, since many of them plucked "extra" hairs for many years. as a result, the eyebrows have noticeably thinned and thinned. You don't have enough patience to wait for the plucked hair to grow back, but you want to have luxurious sable eyebrows right now - that's why cosmetologists give some advice on the accelerated "regrowth" of this important element of a woman's face. First of all, it is necessary to take care of the eyebrows every day, thoroughly washing off the makeup from them, which destroys the structure of the hairs and prematurely ages them.

Olive oil works best for removing makeup from eyebrows, which strengthens and moisturizes / nourishes the skin.

Also, cosmetologists recommend combing eyebrows daily to improve blood circulation in their area, which, in turn, will stimulate hair growth. While shampooing, eyebrow care involves applying a small amount of conditioner or hair balm to them. This procedure will moisturize them, protect them from external influences and nourish them with vitamins.

Accelerating the growth of eyebrows

To accelerate hair growth, it is advisable to take calcium-based vitamins, as well as vitamins A and B. The daily diet should include meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, liver, butter and milk, which contain the protein necessary for good eyebrow growth. It is not recommended to pluck out growing hairs even in unfortunate places - let them grow back completely. As a result, the eyebrows will begin to grow faster - from ten days to several weeks.

Coca-Cola and other carbonated drinks, as well as fast food, are strongly discouraged during the growing period.

Masks with various oils and decoctions are very effective for accelerating the growth of eyebrows. So, castor oil, applied at night, improves the density and shine of the hairs, peach oil stimulates their growth and gives a darker shade, and the mint decoction makes eyebrows even and shiny. Carrot juice mixed with a few drops of vitamin A also helps a lot - you need to soak sponges with this mixture and put them on your eyebrows. After holding for 20 minutes, the mask must be washed off with warm water. As a result, the growth of the eyebrows will be significantly accelerated, and the quality of the growing and existing hairs will noticeably improve.

The same masks can be used to strengthen lashes by applying them with a clean mascara brush before bed.

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