Shaving Product Choice: Foam Or Gel?

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Shaving Product Choice: Foam Or Gel?
Shaving Product Choice: Foam Or Gel?

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Shaving off the bristles using only the machine is not very comfortable. Shaving products not only allow you to quickly get rid of regrown hairs, they also have a soothing, moisturizing effect on the skin. You can use foam or gel for care - what is the difference between these products?

Shaving product choice: foam or gel?
Shaving product choice: foam or gel?

When choosing a shaving gel, foam or balm, you need to take into account the type of human skin. For sensitive, prone to inflammation and acne-prone skin, a gel is optimal. Its transparent texture will allow you to see all the imperfections, so it will be more difficult to touch a pimple with a razor. Foam helps to speed up the shaving process, the machine will glide more easily over the skin.

After applying the gel or foam, you need to wait a couple of minutes so that the composition is absorbed and slightly softens the bristles.

Pros and cons of shaving gel and foam

The main difference between shaving foam and gel will, of course, be the structure of the product. Foam is like an air mass, to squeeze it out of the bottle, just shake it and press the dispenser. Shaving gel should only be applied to damp skin due to its stringy nature. A jelly-like product must be distributed evenly. While the foam does not need to be additionally whipped and to achieve neat application, it is convenient to shave with it, even when you are in a hurry.

Foam is not as economical as gel, the latter product is more concentrated. Therefore, gel bottles will be the best choice for those who have to shave often. The gel can be used to care for oily skin, because it contains few oils. Like foam, colored or clear gel will slightly foam upon application.

Foam is not suitable for dry skin, because it quickly evaporates from the surface, therefore, the risk of injury to the skin is higher. Both the gel and the foam leave behind a pleasant scent.

How to choose a shaving product

Shaving gels and foams of various brands perform an important function - degreasing the hair surface before removing it. Therefore, if you are accustomed to one tool and it suits you in all respects, you should not succumb to the marketing moves of cosmetic companies and change the gel to foam or vice versa. It is only important that the skin care product provides comfort during stubble removal.

For disinfecting the skin while shaving, you can choose a foam or gel with bactericidal properties.

Using a shaving product can help reduce skin irritation or minor cuts. In this case, you need to pick up a gel or foam with silicone compounds. Such products heal wounds faster, and the composition will allow the machine to glide over the skin without any problems.

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