Tips For The Correct Storage Of Cosmetics

Tips For The Correct Storage Of Cosmetics
Tips For The Correct Storage Of Cosmetics

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Cosmetics are necessary for every woman, and it does not matter - a lot of it or just a few tubes of lipstick. The main thing is that it should be stored correctly so that it can serve, and not spoil the skin. Even if the shelf life has not yet passed, cosmetics, if stored incorrectly, can cause great harm, therefore, knowledge of several very important secrets is necessary.

Tips for the correct storage of cosmetics
Tips for the correct storage of cosmetics

The powder lasts a long time - two years, and is stored only at room temperature.

The foundation is afraid of light and deteriorates from excessive moisture. When kept in the refrigerator after use, it does not lose its properties even after 12 months. Water-based foundations deteriorate most quickly.

Basically, products intended for skin care are suitable for six to twelve months, and their place is in the refrigerator door. Experts say that creams can withstand temperatures usually from 5 to 25 degrees. If creams are stored at lower temperatures, they can become too hard, and if their texture is liquid emulsion, a reaction occurs, as a result of which water crystallizes, which means the cream will be hopelessly spoiled. If the temperature is above 25 degrees, the cream may soften too much, and again, its structure will be disturbed. In order for the cream to bring real benefits, you must immediately familiarize yourself with the storage rules when buying. Which, unfortunately, many do not.

The lipstick is designed to last for 18 months. It is somewhat capricious and it is advisable to store it at a temperature of about 5 degrees. When it loses its properties, it falls unevenly on the lips and dries them very much. You can find out about the expired period of use by an unpleasant odor.

Mascara will only then look beautiful and spectacular on the eyelashes if it is kept away from the sun's rays and lighting fixtures. She loves normal room temperature and makes her eyes more expressive for six months. Of many means, it can lose its properties faster than anyone, and it is better to get rid of it after the expired period, otherwise bacteria appear in it, and they tend to irritate the mucous membrane.

It is also best to store cosmetic pencils in the room, but so that the sun does not fall on them, for 18 months.

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