Where To Buy Hair Crayons

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Where To Buy Hair Crayons
Where To Buy Hair Crayons

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Hair crayons are a fashion trend in 2013. This is an easy way to stand out from the crowd and add a bold accent to your look. Ease of application and rinsing make this new product more and more popular every month.

Where to buy hair crayons
Where to buy hair crayons

Hair crayons are a great way to change your look. They are completely harmless and can be washed off in one or two shampoos.

Crayons will look equally beautiful and bright on both brunettes and blondes. On blond hair, pink, red and lilac shades look better. On dark hair, rich purples, turquoise and blue in combination with green shades look more effective. Crayons with mother-of-pearl will create the effect of professional coloring.

How to use hair crayons

Crayons are of two types: dry in the form of ordinary art pastels and oily in the form of eyeshadow.

It is best to cover your shoulders with a towel before use, as the chalk dust will stain everything around. If your hair is dark, you can dampen it with water to brighten the color.

If the crayons are in the form of pastels, the strand must be twisted with a tourniquet, and then dyed with chalk on the hair. Crayons in the form of eyeshadow are used by pressing a strand of hair against the palette with a finger, and slowly moving towards the ends of the hair.

To fix the result, you need to sprinkle hair with varnish. You should also avoid combing colored hair.

To wash off the chalk, you need a natural bristle brush. By directing a stream of water to the colored, soapy strands, comb them, washing out the pigment. Clothes soiled with chalk are washed with regular powder.

Hair chalks are free of toxins and can even be used by children. The only condition is that you should not use them too often in order to avoid overdrying your hair.

Where to buy hair crayons

Hair crayons are sold individually and in the form of palettes containing from 5 to 36 shades. You can buy them in professional stores of hair products, beauty salons. There you can also get the advice of a master and even ask to show you how to use them by example.

Some beauty brands, such as The Body Shop or KIKO, have limited edition hair crayons that can be purchased at their retail stores.

Numerous groups on social networks, the online auction Ebay, sites with Chinese goods are places where you can order hair crayons and still save money. Delivery will take from two weeks to one month.

Some people use regular art pastels, which are sold in any art store, instead of hair crayons. When choosing this option, buy soft pastels.

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