How To Learn To Choose Mascara

How To Learn To Choose Mascara
How To Learn To Choose Mascara

Video: How To Learn To Choose Mascara

Video: How To Learn To Choose Mascara
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Many women rely entirely on the opinion of a sales assistant when choosing mascara, or simply buy the most advertised brand. However, they are often disappointed later - the purchased mascara does not suit them. How to choose the exact product that will fully meet all the requirements and make your eyelashes beautiful, long and fluffy?

How to learn to choose mascara
How to learn to choose mascara

Rules for choosing mascara

Before choosing a mascara, you need to clearly know what your eyelashes lack and for what purpose you need mascara. If you are going to dye your eyelashes for work, then you will need one product, and for holiday makeup - a completely different product.

Volume mascara

This mascara is most suitable for evening make-up. This product contains special components that envelop each lash. The bulk ink contains resins and polymeric materials. It is worth noting that this mascara is suitable for women with long, but not thick enough eyelashes. It is under this condition that it will look good.

Lengthening mascara

Many women dream of long eyelashes, which is why lengthening mascara is the most popular among customers. It contains microfibers that lengthen each lash. However, this mascara is not suitable for women with rare eyelashes.

Waterproof mascara

This mascara contains special ingredients that repel moisture. Waterproof mascara can be harmful to eyelashes, increasing their fragility, so if you have to use it often, do not forget to lubricate your eyelashes with castor oil or special cosmetics for eyelash care before going to bed.

Separating mascara

This product usually contains glycerin and silk extracts, and the applicator has longer bristles that separate the cilia. This mascara is ideal for women with thick eyelashes. It will help make your look deeper and more expressive.


False Eyelash Effect Mascara

Such mascara is capable of giving incredible volume. This product usually comes in two tubes. In one there is a white base, which is applied to the eyelashes in the first place, and in the second - volumizing mascara. The base gives the lashes additional volume and the mascara lays on each lash in an even layer, however, such mascara is more suitable for evening make-up.

Nourishing mascara

Ideal for everyday makeup. In addition to polymers, this mascara contains nutrients that make eyelashes thicker and stronger, but you should not expect a strong cosmetic effect from a nourishing mascara.

Curling mascara

The composition of such mascara includes substances that fix the bend of the eyelashes. As a rule, such mascara has a curved brush, but often it does not give the desired effect, so many makeup artists continue to use special eyelash curlers.

Color ink

Colored mascara is simply irreplaceable for daytime makeup in the summer. It is especially suitable for women of the "spring" and "summer" type. Colored mascara will also look beautiful on dark lashes - it will only be visible at the tips. The multi-colored mascara looks very unusual and intriguing.

Hypoallergenic mascara

This mascara is specially designed for women with very sensitive eyes and for contact lens wearers. As a rule, this product contains only natural gentle ingredients.


Don't be afraid to experiment

In order to achieve maximum effect, you can safely mix different types of mascara. Apply the lengthening mascara first, let the eyelashes dry and apply a layer of volumizing mascara on top. You can reapply another layer of volumizing mascara if needed.

be careful

You do not need to use mascara from a common tube in the store. There is a huge risk of "picking up" some very unpleasant infection, such as scabies, conjunctivitis or demodicosis.