How To Use Testers In The Store

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How To Use Testers In The Store
How To Use Testers In The Store

Video: How To Use Testers In The Store

Video: How To Use Testers In The Store
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Using in-store testers is a great opportunity to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the product before purchasing. You can appreciate the aroma, texture and absorbency of the cream, try new makeup, test the durability of perfume or eau de toilette. Using testers correctly can help you save money and choose the cosmetics that really work for you.

How to use testers in the store
How to use testers in the store

We test decorative cosmetics

According to sales consultants, testers of decorative cosmetics are especially popular in the store. The easiest way is to choose products by brand. The company stands exhibit both permanent and limited and seasonal collections.

To correctly assess the color and texture of the product, just try the product with your finger. Swipe over eyeshadow, powder or blush - you will understand how dense the coating is, whether there is glitter in the product.

Decorative cosmetics can be tested directly on the face. Grab a powder brush, applicators, or eyeliner brushes from home. Cotton swabs are also good for applying eyeshadow, lipstick, or eyeliner. Go outside and see how the product looks in natural light - fluorescent lights often distort colors.

It is safest to use new testers that have just been exhibited - they are usually found among seasonal collections.

Feel free to sample the cosmetics on display. However, use it carefully - close the lipstick tubes and varnish bottles, do not confuse testers, do not take more funds than you need.

Choosing the right perfume

Buying a fragrance at random is a risky business. Be sure to try the perfume you plan to purchase. For initial testing, it is enough to put a little fragrant liquid on a blotter - a paper strip. Pick a couple of options that you particularly like. Then apply the perfume to your skin. It is desirable that there are no traces of other fragrances on it that can distort perception.

Take your time to buy the perfume you like. Leave the store and “wear” the scent for several hours. You will hear the notes of the heart and trail, you will understand how long-lasting the chosen perfume is. If you still like perfume or eau de toilette, feel free to buy - most likely, this product will not disappoint you.

Please note that different concentrations of the same scent may differ in smell. If you need eau de parfum, test it, not eau de toilette.

Creams, lotions and other care products

The most difficult subject to test is skin care cosmetics. Not all funds have testers, and they are not updated often. As a result, you may not always be able to accurately assess the aroma and texture of a cream, lotion or tonic. If the product you need is not freely available, please contact our sales consultants. They may offer you factory-made free handouts.

Try to appreciate the texture of the product. Apply a cream for the face or body to your hands - you will understand how quickly it is absorbed, whether it leaves a film or a sticky feeling. Some stores offer mini-portions to try, which can be purchased for a small amount or free of charge. By agreement with a consultant, you can put some cream or gel from the tester bottle into a clean jar you brought with you, and then try the product at home.