How To Make Blue Clay Masks

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How To Make Blue Clay Masks
How To Make Blue Clay Masks

Video: How To Make Blue Clay Masks

Video: How To Make Blue Clay Masks
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Blue clay is an environmentally friendly natural substance that has been used for the treatment of the body for a long time. It contains a huge amount of various trace elements and mineral salts that have a beneficial effect on the hair, as well as the skin of the face and body. This is why clay is the main ingredient in many beauty masks that can be made easily at home.

How to make blue clay masks
How to make blue clay masks

It is necessary

  • - blue clay;
  • - fresh cucumber;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - eggs;
  • - sage;
  • - chamomile;
  • - lavender;
  • - Linden blossom;
  • - sauerkraut;
  • - sour cream;
  • - lemon;
  • - honey;
  • - butter;
  • - garlic.


Step 1

Firming & Whitening Facial Mask Take half a fresh cucumber, 1 tablespoon each of vegetable oil and blue clay, and egg yolk. Finely grate the cucumber, add the yolk whipped with clay and vegetable oil. Mix everything well. Apply the resulting mixture to your face and hold for 25 minutes. After that, wash yourself with cold water. The mask is done no more than 2 times a week.

Step 2

Anti-wrinkle mask Prepare 2 tablespoons each of sage, chamomile, lavender and lime blossom. Pour boiling water over them. You should get a mushy mass. Infuse it for 10 minutes and then add blue clay. Mix everything well until the mask becomes a liquid consistency. Divide the mixture into 2 portions. Heat one of them in a water bath, and place the second in the refrigerator. Spread a little of the mixture from each portion on cheesecloth and apply it to your face one by one, protecting your eyes with cotton swabs. The procedure is done once a week.

Step 3

Refreshing Facial Mask Take 50 g of sauerkraut, 1 tablespoon each of sour cream and blue clay, and egg yolk. For cooking, chop the cabbage, add the yolk, sour cream and clay to it. Mix everything thoroughly. Apply to face and leave on for 20 minutes. After that, wash yourself with warm water. The mask is done 3-4 times a week for a month.

Step 4

Mask to restore and smooth hair Mix in a teaspoon: lemon juice, clay, honey and butter. Add the egg yolk to the prepared mixture. Apply the mask to the roots and the entire length of the hair.

Step 5

Mask for oily hair Grate 2 cloves of garlic on a fine grater, add 2 tablespoons of blue clay and a teaspoon of lemon juice to them. Add a little water to obtain a consistency that is easy to apply. Let the mixture sit on your hair for half an hour. The mask stimulates hair growth, makes it shiny and normalizes the sebaceous glands.

Step 6

Mask for normal to dry hair Thoroughly mix in a teaspoon: softened butter, honey, lemon juice, and blue clay with egg yolk. The finished mixture should have the consistency of sour cream. If it turns out to be liquid, add a little more clay. The mask promotes rapid hair growth.